Moved to Ireland in Sept - Can I still open a 2013/14 ISA?

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Hi guys, I'm really confused and figured if anyone would be able to help it would be you guys.

I started a new company a couple of years ago and I'm finally in a place where I can start saving properly. I have no current ISAs (all my saving is in e-save) and my wife and I want to start putting our excess cash into a S&S ISA. (Probably not much to begin with maybe just 2-5 thousand a year)

The issue is that we just moved to Ireland as of September and they don't offer any tax-free saving!

I am sure that as of next year I will not be able to save tax-free as I will start paying taxes over there.

However I'm wondering since my business was technically functioning up until Sept 2013 here in the UK am I eligible to set up a ISA S&S and load it as much as possible until April 2014?

Thanks for your help! :)


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