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    We have set up a group on Facebook about this situation - if you post your details, I will try my best to help you
  • I purchased an item from Brand Alley some time ago.
    The item arrived with a dent in it. I emailed them straight away and within an hour I had received a refund!
    I emailed them again and thanked them for the refund and asked them when they where going to pick up the damaged goods?
    They said no need to return it.
    I managed to get the dent hammered out and although it's not perfect,it will do me.:D
  • Hi BrainySmurf

    Unfortunately, I am one of the few people who do not have a Facebook account, so cannot post on there. I have tweeted them though. They are still saying that they are experiencing delays from the supplier and that they will ship it immediately, as soon as they receive the shipment. They have been advised that the orders will be shipped in 2 weeks. The message I was sent last week was that my order would be with me by 29/11. They just seem to be making excuse after excuse. This is a Christmas present so I'm not at all confident I will receive it in time, even though I ordered it on 15/10.

    As a previous poster has mentioned, maybe Mr Lewis could look into this, if not I think Watchdog needs to be contacted

  • My order had still not arrived and Groupon had the same item, for the same price, so placed an order with them on 26/11. I cancelled my order with Brand Alley the same day. I have been told that I should receive my refund in 5 working days.

    I have received my item from Groupon today, within a week of ordering! Bad news for Brand Alley I'm afraid, will not recommend them at all.

  • I would certainly avoid this company until they sort their problems out! I ordered items at start of October, they arrived 2 weeks later but were faulty so I sent back on 29/10/13. I have been chasing for a refund since!! They state they will refund within 15 working days but it is coming up to double that now and having just been on hold for 30 minutes and giving up I am yet to know what is happening. I have even emailed them proof of postage in the hope that if they have all details there in one email they can at least let me know when I could get a refund. Waiting for a 3 figure refund is extremely annoying and certainly affects my Xmas budget which is highly frustrating. Anyone have any updates on the company?
  • I placed an order with them on November 14th and still have not got my goods and they have missed the delivery date by miles. They are not contactable on the phone and have not replied to an email asking for a refund, which I sent last Saturday, a previous email asking for a delivery date just got a we will look into it for you, and that was 2 weeks ago, with as yet no reply.

    Their Facebook and Twitter are full of complaints, I have never seen anything like this for an online retailer. I have now had to start a credit card charge back to get my money.
  • Seems they are having major problems at the moment. Thankfully two orders I placed at the start of November have arrived this week but this is after several facebook and twitter messages, emails and phone calls and having been told different delivery dates a few times. An awful lot of unhappy customers on facebook and twitter, hopefully they fulfil everyones orders in time for christmas!
  • "Online sales site BrandAlley has sent 20,000 customers a £25 gift card each after an IT glitch caused huge delays in processing orders..."
    Read the full story:

    Thousands of BrandAlley customers hit by IT glitch


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  • I've been trying to find out what's happened to my order since the middle of December. I hung on the phone the other day for an hour and 20 mins and had to give up. I've emailed several times and received a generic response. I finally got a response saying the order wont be here before Christmas to which I responded cancelling. I've now been told it will take 7-10 days for my refund, they've had my money since the beginning of November. I'm seriously unimpressed.

    Oh and by the way, BA, your new website sucks.
    Sex and Drugs and Sausage Rolls.
  • For those of you getting nowhere in your efforts to contact BrandAlley direct, there is a private group on Facebook called the Brand Alley Customer Action Group - I'm not allowed to post links on here, but if you do a search on Facebook for that group name you'll find it.

    This group is in no way affiliated with BrandAlley. It was set up by Lorri Ledger, a customer who went through the same frustrations as many others in terms of BrandAlley's customer services.

    She managed to forge a relationship with the CEO, and he promised her to resolve any issues she brought forward to him on behalf of other customers.

    She is doing this in her own time (she has a full time job and a family to look after) out of the goodness of her heart.

    This is not a forum to voice your complaints - it is a place to ask Lorri to help you solve your problems.

    So I'd encourage you to join the group and ask Lorri to help you. She has helped many people, and much more quickly than dealing direct with the etailer.
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