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  • We signed up for an estate that Anglia Research is administering more then 2 years ago and STILL have not been paid out. Through our agent we are told that they are still researching...meanwhile they are sitting in our money enjoying the interest. Has anyone else had this problem with them?
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    So, is this legit? Has anyone actually had any money from them?
  • I have had a letter from Anglia Research to say that I am related to someone who has not left a will and there is money that I and other members of my family are entitled to and they asked me to sign a document allowing them to represent me for a 20% of the total plus vat. There have been letters about this from 2006 till 2012 but not one person has said that they have received any money from Anglia can any one out there give some up to date info about Anglia. Can any one of you let us know if you had got anything from Anglia as I don't know if we should sign up with them. I tried contacting 35mos on the email he gave but no reply yet. your hopefully
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    OK Anglia have not been featured on Heir hunters although they have been mentioned. They are one of the the 4 or 5 largest heir hunting firms in the country and their director is known to me. He should be as I am in the same line of business.

    Anglia Frasers my own company can only pay out to entitled heirs when an entitled heir signs with us and allows us to make the claim on their behalf. This is done for a commission of the share that this person is entitled to. 20% seems to be the industry average but I do know that depending on the work involved and the amount of heirs this can drop as low as 5% (very rare) and as high as 40% (also very rare)

    As others have said you can make this claim yourself however for you to do that you need to know the name of the person who has died. There are at present over 10,000 names on the BV list and there is no knowing which of these cases you are entitled to a share of the estate. I am assuming that Anglia have not given you the name of the deceased.

    Now not wanting to put you off claiming this yourself but are you aware what is involved once you obtain the estate? Are you experienced enough to build a family tree and then locate other entitled heirs that you may or may not know. Do you have the resources to do this? If I say that the average research time for an estate where there are less that 10 entitled heirs is somewhere between 5 and 15 hours. These cases are few and far between and the majority end up being 20+ heirs. As well as the cost of staff that Anglia employ there is the cost of obtaining all the certficates involved. In fact if I tell you that the case I have in the hands of the solicitor at the minute has cost me just under £200 so far and until today that was without knowing what the estate is worth you can see that its going to cost you a fair sum of money to even obtain the estate from the treasury. Anglia will do all this at their risk. I am sure that they would not have contacted you if they were not sure you was entitled to something.

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  • Thank you for your reply Rob you say that 20% is the industry standard but is it usual to add VAT to what they charge which puts the costs up even more. Regards
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    Unfortunately VAT is when registered for VAT is comulsory. The VAT is only on the money that Anglia will take in commission therefore if that is £100 then there is £20 VAT to add to that.

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    Remember if you are a valid beneficiary you still get paid out if you don't sign, if and when the estate does get administered.

    The risk by not signing is that that not enough of the others(if any) do for anyone to take on the estate.

    since all at a level are entitled if you know of others through blood lines at your level then you could contact themcontact them.

    Bottom line is the heir hunters will be putting work, it is often up to you how much you reward them.

    the main issue with finding heirs is you may have to go upto grandparents and down from there and a lot of the people that knew those generations are also dead.
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    .......and as Rob has pointed out several times before, if the tree goes into the "Celtic fringes" of the British Isles could be looking at a more complicated situation; let alone that it strays into other countries round the globe.
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    Slightly off topic BUT what happens if an heir hunting company (let us say) has gone backwards to the grandparents and so is dealing with "cousins" and it convinces itself that (say) one of the uncles/aunts had become estranged from the family and died apparently childless; only for an individual to come forward after the inheritance has been distributed and say "where is my share?"
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