Stoozing Newbie/Wannabee

Hi all

Ive opened an egg money account, a bradford and bingley savings account at 6.40% and i also have my credit cards at 12 month 0% with 2.5% BTfee.

I think im ready to start stooziing.

Can someone please advise if it is better to pay the minimum payments and transfer fee from the Bradford & Bingley savings account with the money i have recieved from the credit cards or do i leave the whole some in the B&B account and pay with other money?.

Any help would be appreciated



  • Both methods are pretty much the same although you would ideally want to manage your hard earn funds so they are always recieveing the maximum amount of interest according to your circumstances.
    Go for the method that earns the most interest and the method that is easiest to manage and the one that you are happy dealing with to start off with.
    In a couple of months at the end of this stoozing period review what went right and correct any errors / mistakes and try and improve for next time.
    good luck you'll soon have enough for a decent holiday.
    Previously known as Bokken,registered at MSE in Nov 04,computer glich deleted my access but it is fun building up my stars from scratch,again.:D
  • i shall take your advice on board bokkens.


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