MSE News: Had your CPP card protection mis-selling letter? Don't forget to vote 'yes'

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"Up to seven million people were mis-sold card and identity protection products from insurer CPP..."
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Had your CPP card protection mis-selling letter? Don't forget to vote 'yes'


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  • Both me and my partner living at different addresses have not received letter number two yet. Anyone else received it?
  • When the first letter from CPP turned up I was amazed. How could I possibly claim that a card protection policy I have had for over 25 years was mis-sold to me?

    All these policies have a renewal mechanism. Every three years I am told it will automatically be renewed unless I want to cancel. I have no idea if what I have got is worth it or not. But it is my responsibility to find out and then make an informed decision to continue or cancel. All I know is that when I needed to claim (twice) the policy & the company did exactly what they were supposed to do.

    Even if someone did sign up without really understanding what they were signing up for then surely no-one can claim compensation for more then the initial period before their renewal date.
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    The article doesnt make it clear what the criteria is for step 3 to happen.

    i.e. it says 'a majority'.

    Does this mean a majority of those sent voting papers or the majority pf those who reply?

    I wonder how the question will be worded i.e. if it is 'do you genuinely think you were missold this product!!'
  • Received my voting form and literature yesterday. Pleased I saw your advice on the latest newsletter as I found the information sent very long-winded. There needs to be a 75% vote one way or the other for the "scheme" to be approved or rejected. Your vote must be received by 3rd Jan 2014 or you must attend the meeting on 7th Jan 14 in London. If scheme approved you will receive further letter with an application for compensation. If approved scheme will start approx. 1st Feb 14. Last date for returning claim form on or around 31st August 14. Earliest date for payment of compensation 10th March 14, that's if you reply straight away!
  • Do I have to cancel my policy if I vote yes?
  • If it relates to the policy i think it does I received a pay out a couple of years ago. If the vote goes through would I be forced to repay this money?
  • Im confused, surely the government have already voted and said that it needs to be paid back?? Recieved the second letter today, I fear that the literature is so poorly written that a lot of people will just think it's junk mail and bin it... maybe I'm being cynical, but it seems like it has been done on purpose to put people off...
  • I got mine today. It irritated me. I purchased the product, I had no need to use it, but I was covered for what I paid for, and had I needed to use it I've no doubt the company would have done what they said they would do.

    Was I mis-sold it? No.
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    rrosemary7 wrote: »
    Do I have to cancel my policy if I vote yes?

    No. This is one of the massive bullet-points on the first page of the letter, your policy is unaffected regardless of which way or indeed whether you vote at all.

    Your policy is only affected if the overall result of the vote is a yes then you actually make a claim and the claim is upheld, in which case the policy will be cancelled.
  • I had no choice - the payments came out three times on an annual basis - which pushed me over my limit three times and resulted in charges. Was I missold it? Yes - I had no idea about it.

    Did it ever prove useful? No. Had my cards lost and they did nothing. My bank sorted it for me.

    I've voted yes
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