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Sorry this is going to sound really stupid but here goes!

I have a landline through Sky as a package with tv and Internet. We never, ever use the landline and I don't think we've ever given anyone the number since we moved in last October.

Do we have to keep paying for this so that we can have broadband or is it something we can choose to get rid of?

Thank you!


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    No, you can't have any ADSL or FTTC broadband service without an active landline-which means paying line rental.
    How do you think the broadband signal gets to the property if the line is not live?
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  • BuzbyBuzby Forumite
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    The only alternatives are cable (Virgin) or wireless (Mobile BB or wiFi). If you only need BB, check with a neighbour who may be happy to have you contribute to his ongoing service.

    All this assumes you met Sky's minimum term for having your decoder connected - as you will lose all on-Demand.
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