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I would like to throw this out there for discussion.

I am two years into my IVA, I moved out of my parents house then got the IVA. This week a letter was sent to my parents address from Capital One informing me that I had been preselected for a credit card with a £1500 limit to help build up my credit :eek:

The silly thing is, Capital One are one of my creditors! Do I need to send this letter to my supervisor?
Will be debt free on 28th January 2017 :j


  • Preselected is usually just marketing rubbish to invite people to apply for credit and is probably just automated from a list of customer names and addresses, which may not be correct anyway, hence the sending of it to your old address.

    As it would take way too much time and effort to actually bother to see if the data is correct it is a just a scattergun effect with the hope someone may apply.

    You could write to CO informing them they have the incorrect address details, that you are in an IVA and to remove all marketing details if you are bored, or you can recycle it. I wouldn't bother sending it to my IP as it is just marketing junk mail.

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