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Marketing People Came To My House

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Compers Chat Corner
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  • wingobinswingobins Forumite
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    There was a programme on a few weeks back where you could call a complaints helpline about cold calling. I managed to jot the number down if anyone wants to take note :)

    0845 04 05 06

    On checking the number they also deal with fraudsters, when people are being ripped off.
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  • catz747catz747 Forumite
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    I'm not sure if all of that applies in this case as we have given them our details to enter the comp? :/
  • A guy came round about 3 weeks ago, I was fuming....told him to shove off and that I was going to complain about it. How dare they, that was after the phone call I received and telling them to shove off!
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  • Only myself to blame but I wish I had read the details, will be a bit more careful from now on. I am so shocked they turned up on the doorstep!
  • BluluBlulu Forumite
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    I'm torn about this issue. It's awful and very wrong where they get rude and nasty. No excuse for that. However, most of them don't run comps out of altruism.

    They should take no for an answer, and they should respect where people have ticked no to marketing. But other than where they're nasty and/or too persistent, I don't take objection to them trying their luck. I kind've think of it as paying my dues.

    I would also have been a little taken aback by someone turning up like that. Although again, as long as they're reasonable, I don't think I would be that bothered - it's their petrol they're wasting :D

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  • liliaslilias Forumite
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    Should we ask Velvet Glove to add this company to her list? The list already include companies like Craftomatic Beds because of their nightmare salesmen.
  • robbies_galrobbies_gal Forumite
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    i havent had anything yet but thanks for the warning-i dont know anywher eit says they can cold call at your door thats a bit much
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  • BlueBellaBlueBella Forumite
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    My tip is to keep some scrunchy paper by your phone and when you get a pushy caller, you just crunch the paper by your mouth piece and at the same time say 'Hello? Hello? Sorry you're cracking up!' then hang up!
    :TA big thanks to all who post and sprinkling lucky dust to all who enter :smileyhea
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    VelvetGloveVelvetGlove Forumite
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    edited 2 November 2013 at 3:18PM
    lilias wrote: »
    Should we ask Velvet Glove to add this company to her list? The list already include companies like Craftomatic Beds because of their nightmare salesmen.

    Thanks for the pm lilas.

    Just had a read of this thread and the comp thread and blimey!

    I'll get them added to the Guide with a link to both threads.

    Thanks again for letting me know about it x

    Edited to add: Guide updated, they are now in the list at point 11
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  • The_3rd_ZebuThe_3rd_Zebu Forumite
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    toniq wrote: »
    An elderly chap phoned me last night from them and said I had entered a comp and I had ticked I was interested in saving for childs future, I told him I'd changed my mind, but I was surprised within a day there were calling from my entry.


    It seems like the salesman could have been making that bit up. There weren't any 'tick boxes'. You just had to send them an email with your details. In the instructions it said:
    Please click on this [EMAIL=""]link[/EMAIL] to email us entry details.

    Remember to include your name, address, telephone number and email address.

    Please also let us know if you are interested in further information about any of the following:

    • Planning for my child's future
    • Planning for a relaxing retirement
    • Protection for my family and myself
    • Making my money grow
    • Foresters in the community

    I'd guess hardly anybody would request further information so maybe those salesmen are taking it upon themselves to contact everybody regardless.
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