very good experience with Ecotricity

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    Nada666 wrote: »
    Eating out instead of paying £1 per week to run a fridge freezer - not exactly a net advantage at the end of the week. ;)

    Perhaps the OP doesn't need a fridge because s/he eats out a lot, rather than the other way round. :idea: I know plenty of people who could probably do without a fridge (single, work long hours, out a lot) if they needed.

    Certainly not my idea of fun, but each to their own. Congrats to the OP on getting your usage down so far, as long as it works for you.

    I don't have a freezer or tumble dryer. The former rather confused my new flatmate when he arrived back from a big supermarket shop the day he moved in and asked 'where's your freezer?' :D

    But then I couldn't live like one friend who goes without hot water most of the day.
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    Here's a neat idea I read about for an über-efficient fridge, made from a pimped out freezer. It uses just 0.1 kWh per day.

    It's an utterly brilliant idea. Chest freezers are so much more efficient because the cold air doesn't fall out when you open the door. He's rigged up a separate thermostat that keeps cuts the power supply completely when the freezer reaches fridge temp. It only runs for a couple of minutes per hour.

    Downside is, for this country at least, few people have sufficient space for a top-loader.
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    Okay, their standing charges for electricity vary from £36 to £120 per year. (pdfs from this page) Talk about postcode lotteries.

    Here in the South East every household really gets their electricity supplied by the Hong Kong electric company - makes you wonder why the Chinese don't proudly advertise that they are the owners of our DNO.
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