Vodafone - NO customer loyalty (or service!) - renew at your peril,

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Been a long-standing customer (probably paying over the odds but hey..), I decided to renew with VF on expiry of my 2 year contract. BIG mistake! All I am trying to do is keep my old number and 'port' it to the new contract. The old contract was in my company name, I'm now retired, so opened new in my own name - after taking VF customer service advice on this.

Long story but since then have been given runaround and completely WRONG information by several VF customer service team members - including a 10 day wait for the "Transfer of Ownership" team to say they are not interested so back to customer services ....

Ironically, the one thing the VF team all agree on is that if I'd chosen to go to another provider, the number would have been transferred in a matter of hours! Live and learn - take your contract elsewhere ! Meanwhile whilst waiting for VF reply, my 7 day cancellation period has expired and I'm locked in - NEVER again!


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    You can't "port" a number within the network, only out. If you took out another contract with a new number and tried to port the old one umber to the same network it will fail. If you were advised to use that route that then thats certainly wrong.

    Moving it from a business contact to a personal one may not be as simple. With the old contract was is your own company (ie you owned it and closed it down) or were you employed, or sold the business on as a going concern as in some cases the rights to the number may remain with the company rather than you, and you may not be able to take it to a new contract regardless of the network you would use.

    Good luck sorting it out...
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    Hi Couldonlyhappentome,

    The info provided by gjchester above is correct; you can’t port a number on the same network I’m afraid.

    You can arrange a transfer of ownership and transfer the number from the business account into your name, however this won’t replace your recent upgrade as that’s a separate contract.

    The only way to do this would be to get your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) for the old number, transfer it onto another network on Pay as you go and then do the same (request a PAC) and port your number back into Vodafone to replace the new number on the new contract.


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