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Hi, we have DMP with StepChange, which is due for review. In trying to gather all the info about who we owe money to and outstanding balance, I obtained my latest credit file. However, some of the original accounts no longer show on the credit file. I know some have been taken over by debt chasers, but shouldn't they show as well? I'm sure if we stopped paying they'd get in touch, but I don't have all the info, as I tend to shred anything that comes through the door when I think I've finished with it (maybe a bit too eagerly).
Is there a way to find out who wants our money? Seriously considering going bankrupt, as the DMP estimates we will be clear in 2021, surely bankruptcy would be quicker?


  • When on a DMP, a lot of accounts are defaulted. They fall off your report 6 years from default date, paid or not. How long you been on your DMP?

    When accounts are sold, usually the banks remove then from your report. DCAs usually add them again, but can take a month or too. Same when sold from DCA to DCA.

    Some very old accounts don't report to CRAs.

    Have you checked all 3 CRAs, some dont report to all of them.
  • Thanks for the info. We've been on a DMP for about three years and the debts have been sold off a long time ago.
    I've only checked Experian, I'll check the others at the weekend.
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