O2 Removing Free Minutes to Islands - Can I Cancel? Links to terms in posting - help!

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Hello All,

I subscribe to the weekly email but haven't used the forums before, so bear with me on my first post!

Basically, I took out an O2 contract as opposed to cheaper deals with other providers due to the fact that O2 classed the Channel Islands and Isle of Man calls as part of the inclusive minutes bundle. O2 referred to these minutes as "standard" for charging purposes on their international calls tariff page whilst also referring to them as "inclusive" on their text they sent to all customers today. I only chose to go with O2 for my contact purely for these purposes, as I have friends in the Channel Islands. Thus, the savings are significant.

Now, O2 sent me the following text today:

"O2: From 4 December, calls to Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man will be removed from your inclusive minutes. For our best rates to these destinations use International Extras. See more at [link removed as I'm a new user]. To stop texts call 2220"

This seems quite unfair to change my contract's free minutes when I'm only 8 months into a 24 month contact. This especially when other operators such as GiffGaff will now be cheaper to use for out of bundle calls to the Islands.

Can someone who is a little savvy on the law side of things be able to give me some advice? This could really end up costing the earth for me and a few other customers!

They seem to imply I can cancel if they raise their charges in their terms here: [link removed as I'm a new user -
Just google to find]

I'd be so appreciated if some lovely people could help me with this predicament!

Thank you :)


  • Extracts from their T&Cs online:

    4. Charges/Price increases – You must pay the charges for the services you subscribe to and use every month by the date on your bill. We may charge interest if you’re late in paying. You have to pay by Direct Debit. We may ask you to pay a deposit before we’ll let you use the services. We may increase or decrease our prices from time to time. We won’t put your monthly subscription charges up more than once in any 12 months. Some increases would give you the right to end your Agreement without penalty. Details are in paragraph 5 of the Agreement.

    5.2 We may increase or decrease our Charges from time to time. If we increase our Charges (apart from for Additional Services), we’ll let you know at least 30 days before the Charges are due to go up and you’ll have the rights explained in paragraphs 5.3 and 5.4. We won’t increase your Monthly Subscription Charges more than once in any 12 month period.

    5.3 You can end this Agreement without having to pay the Monthly Subscription Charges up to the end of any Minimum Period you have left, if: (a) we notify you of an increase to your Monthly Subscription Charges by more than the published Retail Price Index (RPI) annual inflation rate at the date we announce the applicable price increase; or (b) we increase any of our Charges (apart from for Additional Services) in a way that such increase would have increased your total bill for the immediately previous month by more than 10% (if the increase(s) had applied for the whole of that month).

    5.4 If you want to end the Agreement because of one of the circumstances in paragraph 5.3 you must give us Notice that you want to within 30 days of when we tell you about the relevant price increase(s). If you don’t give us Notice within 30 days, you accept the new Charges and the Agreement will continue with the new Charges.
  • I have a manager calling me back tomorrow. The O2 rep I've just spoken too was a pawn between me and her manager at least 4 times where I stated that this wasn't what I signed up for. If they want to remove the calls to the Islands, that's fine, but they should terminate my contract with no penalty. (I'm a year in to a 24 month)

    The final argument from her manager was that the inclusion of the Islands was an offer which they were going to withdraw. I suggested an offer was, say, 6 months. Not 8 years. And if that was his best argument, perhaps his manager should call me.

    Round 2 tomorrow then. Let me know how you get on!
  • Let me know how you get on here!

    I phoned O2 earlier but got through to someone who wasn't particularly helpful; she didn't know what to do and had no knowledge of the changes.

    Having looked on twitter, it seems whoever controls the O2 account has stated that the channel island and IOM calls are to be counted as "additional services" which they can amend more freely. In my opinion this doesn't stack up, "calling" through use of a mobile contract could not be additional; it's core to the service.

    I think the terms above look quite watertight in our favour, but I suspect we still may have a battle on our hands!
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    Their are all already threads on this subject with useful info in

    here http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4806708

    and here http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4807014

    No need to have loads of them.:D
  • Sandhurst, I had the same problem. Nice enough, but ultimately useless. The rep had to put me on hold to start with as she had no idea this was happening. And at the end of the call she said. "Can I just ask.. Where are these Islands?"

    A geography lesson followed...
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