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Hi, First time post so please bare with me...

My wife had an O2 contract which when it came to an end in June this year was cancelled, PAC code applied for and moved to 3. All good until we checked her credit file recently before applying for some credit. After checking her file we noticed, to our horror, that she was showing 3 late payments from O2 for £18. We have contacted O2 and it would appear that although she was advised to cancel her direct debit with her bank by O2 there was an outstanding amount of £18 which O2 applied for after the direct debit was cancelled. My query is this...

O2 have made no attempt to contact us whatsoever to make us aware that she owed this amount. If they had we would have paid it immediately. We asked why they had not let us know, via text or email. They said it was because my wife had chosen to be contacted by phone, we asked why nobody had called to let us know and they could not give us an answer.

We did speak to one of their adviser who told us to pay the amount and all would be ok. I specifically asked him, will you let the credit reference agencies know that this was no fault of ours and was due to the lack of communication on your part he clearly answered - YES. 6 weeks on and the missed payments are still showing and we can't get any response from O2.

HELP,HELP,HELP. Can anyone suggest a way forward with this?

Thanks in advance, DT007 :mad:


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