Virgin Cancelation Dilema

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Gave my notice last month in early advance, so my cut off date is 11 November 2013. Got a call from them 2 weeks ago offering 60 meg only at £22.50. Declined the offer.
They rang again on Thursday and offered the same deal. Again i declined. The rep told me this was the best offer i would get and as i use the internet alot, would be stuck if i went elsewhere..

Heres where i now worry. Im on holiday the week before i get cut off. Back on the Sunday morning(10 Nov).

Should i call on the sunday to get a deal and just accept what i get, will the retentions team even be open?

Also if i let them D/C me, will they call back like sky do to get you to return and are they likely to charge for this?


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    In my opinion 60 mg for £22.50 (assuming it's a 12 month contract, not 18) is a good deal. They are VERY tight for broadband only users and you almost never get offered something good. If you disconnected then waited a month you wouldn't get as good a would only get 3 months at £22.50 then the remaining 9 at £27.50 and they may even try to charge you for reconnection and/or courier fee to get your hub sent back out to you.
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    I accepted £22.50 for 60Mbps.

    Somebody said that they held out for a Superhub 2 as well and got that. I have seen claims of even cheaper for 100/120Mbps on TBB but the poster is a known BS artist.

    Considering you'd need to pay line rental on any xDSL deal and take fibre to match the speed I don't think that price can be beaten. If you actually need a home phone (as I do) then Vonage for 2000 minutes which is virtually unlimited UK geographic numbers costs £5.99.
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    I got 60meg BB only for £22.50 with superhub in Feb on a 12month contract (after a lot of bartering.) I rang up a few weeks back to challenge the VM increase as mine was going up to £25.00 a month. Long story short ive been kept on £22.50 a month contract and when my contract is up next Feb, i will still only have to pay £22.50 on a none contract basis for next 5years. However i will be giving them another call in Feb to try and get it down to £20 a month on a 12 month contract but if not then i will carry on with the £22.50 on a none contract basis with them as they really are the best.

    But atm £22.50 really is the minimum they will go to for 60Meg so ya might aswell accept it. They should throw a superhub in if you haven't already had one off them. Maybe try and get the 60meg on a none contract basis too.
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