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Hello Guys,

I was wondering, if any of you had any experience with Buy to Let lender called " The Mortgage Works"

I made an application via broker in mid July 2013 and to be honest with you the mortgage offer is yet to made.

Although they done survey pretty much straightaway. They then asked the proof of deposit which we provided. Then we were asked for the source of funds we provided....2 weeks after we provided the information they came back and stated they do not seem to have documents which we sent (Despite they confirmed in writing previously that they had received them).

Now they are saying they have huge backlog...............

What do you suggest? Have you had such experience? As my seller may pull the plug in which case I had it.


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    Are you a first time landlord?

    What has your broker said?
    I am a Mortgage Adviser
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    Thanks for your question. I own multiple properties but I have not bought new property since 2007.

    My broker is agitated as I am.
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  • Hi I know this is supposed to be a reply but I've not done this before and not sure how to post a question so I hope this gets to the right people.

    Me and my husband are looking at buying a property which is about 25% commercial (a shop) and 75% residential, we will be living in the residential part but I will be using the shop for a new business and my husband will be keeping his current job. The problem is do we need a residential mortgage or a commercial one, after reading many sites on the internet it seems we would need a commercial one but a regulated commercial one, can anybody explain what that is and where we would get one from. We have a 20% deposit. Any help or advice would be gratefully appreciate as I feel like I am going around in circles and getting even more confused and the mortgage providers don't seem to help much.

    Thanks in advance for any responses x
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