Salary sacrifice and mortgages

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I'm interested in feedback from other users who have/applied for mortgages with a salary sacrifice.

I work in the public sector and lease a car through work via salary sacrifice which reduces how much tax/NI I pay.

My partner and I are looking at buying a house and we're getting conflicting advice as to whether mortgage companies (more than likely will be Nationwide) factor these in before or after deduction. For example my gross pay before the sacrifice is £30k, afterwards £25k - which looking at their online calculate is the difference between £135k and £165k mortgage. Our financial advisor has said they would "more than likely" use the net figure (i.e. he's not really sure!) but I've read numerous conflicting stories online.

We wouldn't be able to get the house we want with a mortgage of £135k so £30k is a massive difference to us.

Has anyone else got a mortgage with a salary sacrifice and how did they calculate it?



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