MSE News: Do you rent your home? You can switch energy supplier and save

"If you live in rented accommodation and pay energy bills, you should know you can switch suppliers just like homeowners..."
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Do you rent your home? You can switch energy supplier and save


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    Ofgem also gives tips for tenants, which include:
    • Making sure you look out for any clauses in your tenancy agreement relating to energy suppliers.
    If the tenant is responsible for paying the bill, then the tenant is allowed to switch supplier- even if the contract says otherwise. Any restrictive clauses are considered to be unenforceable.

    Of course the tenant will need to weigh up the benefits of switching supplier versus potential impact on the relationship with the landlord if a restrictive clause is in the contract, but this is is really the only reason to check your tenancy agreement.

    Here's a link to the Ofgem statement:
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    Clauses in the TA restricting the tenant on the choice of energy supplier(s) (where they are responsible for paying the supplier) are considered potentially unfair according to the OFT.
  • Why would a landlord care if there not paying the bill?
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    Because they might be utility warehouse 'agents' so they make money off it or have been given an incentive by a supplier!
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