Nigel MGill sax school


Have decided at 52 to learn to play the sax and now waiting for it to be delivered...yay!

Saw the above on you tube and quite like the look of it and may sign up for the lessons.

has anyone tried this?


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    I'm a sax teacher and award winning saxophonist... my advice would be, even if you're keen to teach yourself and learn from books, go to a good teacher for a few lessons to make sure your mouth shape (embouchure) is correct. If you start wrong, you'll struggle to correct it and always sound like an angry swan :) Good luck x
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    What kind did you buy through the mail? Alto? Tenor? What make?

    Agree previous poster, a few weekly or fortnightly lessons with an experienced teacher to start with.

    If the McGill is online lessons that you pay for, I'd caution against. There's oodles of free resources out there that you can use.

    Sax forums, YouTube tutorials, etc.
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