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Capquest have contacted me about an old NatWest loan I had to give up paying when I swapped a job taking £100 a week less pay, as of yesterday when they ran me they seemed rather reasonable about repayments. I offered then £50 a month till after x-mas when ill have paid of other items and up my amount, they said from last time they was incontact they still have my income/outgoings and said I could pay less than £50 if I will struggle with this.

Now for my question , if they debts passed / sold to these how is my credit update delt with? will the debt agency update it when I manage to keep the payments ? what happens to the mark ive got now from NatWest on there as been In arrears

i'll have cleared my water debt in jan 2014 which was £1000 in debt and my CC with £3000 , currently been making overpayments of double the amount on min payment as this has interest were as the loan has been frozen . got this down to under £1500 in a year and half so not to bad, although in the 18 months or so ive been making payments ive not seen ANY updates on the Experian saying im not making repayments


  • When was it taken out?

    When did you last pay or acknowledge in writing? If a continuos period of 6 years of neither it would be statute barred and they cannot make you pay.

    If not statute barred and Taken out before April 2007, send a CCA request. Not having signed one means unenforceable in court.

    If Capquest are being reasonable, there must be some reason.
  • As for your credit report updating, on selling the debt they should agree who will do it. Usually who they sold it to, but check all dates as they sometimes move the default date to when they bought it. Not allowed to do this mind.
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