Any1 had experience with betta living kitchen factory?


I'm currently looking at at a new kitchen, and been getting quotes from the usual places, plus a couple of local ones.

This include Next kitchens (partners with betta living). Had the designer come around, with a massive sales pitch but I'm wasn't going to buy the same day (first time buying a kitchen so big decision). That was last week, and the designer rang yesterday asking if I've had any more thoughts, but I've still got other quotes coming.

Today, a different company (who says they're part of betta living) rang today saying they deal with trade but willing to come round, have a look and give me a quote. I'd be getting a better price than going through betta living, but it's all the same stuff as they are the "factory".

My question: does anyone knows of this sort of thing happen alot to encourage sales? Should I trust them as have arranged for another designer to come round? I guess if I went with them, the first guy basically loses out on commission, but I don't know if I'll make a saving, then it'll mean alot!!

Thanks for any responses in advance!


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