Looking advice on tax/JSA

Hey guys.

I was claiming JSA from sometime late 2011-25/11/12.

I started a training scheme in November. The rates were based on JSA and got a bit extra but it was not taxable so the only p45 I have is from last year. I then got took on in full time 36 hours a week there in April.

Anyway on the P45 it says "total taxable benefit in this period -£723.22"

Does this mean I can claim any of it back or what? I am really clueless when it comes to tax as every job its just been done or been cash in hand.

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    for a tax refund you would need to have paid tax. You need to look at your total taxable income for the tax year from 6th April 11 to 5th April 12 (which will include the £723.22) If this is under the personal tax allowance and you were deducted tax then you would be able to claim a refund
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    You only pay tax if your income went over the threshold.
    Even if you don't pay tax the benefit is taxable hence the details on the form.
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