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    I phoned staywarm today, about only being able to stay with them if we were on some sort of benefit. They said that it was not true. I aslo asked how much our new contract was likely to cost when it runs out at the end of November, and was told it would be between 12% and 20% more. I commented that it was rather a large variation but had no answer to that. I was also told that the letters are sent out between 4 and 6 weeks before the years contract expires.
  • The biggest problem with this idea is, well come 2 think of it there are 2 problems

    • 1) a green issue, people are not encouraged to conserve fuels and thus 'waste' it
    • 2) once you are used to the un-ending heat, what happens when they put up prices.  Are u able to cut back again to enble a choice of suppliers again or do u get addicted to it?


    Dont yer think thas a bit self rightious Pak, As im sure youre aware the idea of staywarm is preserve the lives of elderly people who depend on heat with very little money to spare. Saving the planet is all very well but the short term future of human beings should be the priority!

    Yours fed up of PC rubbish

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    Have been on Staywarm for 2 years. Unlimited energy at a fixed price for twelve months. Certainly would get my same actual annual consumption for about £2 cheaper with an alternative supplier. Kind of insurance, the wife's relatives and mine coming for a long stay or a cold winter or another Bliar war in the middle east. :D
    The moving finger, having writ, moved on.
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