Mortgage offer from halifax - will we be rejected?

Me and my partner finally have a mortgage offer through from halifax - we obtained it through a broker. My partner has a credit card of 2k which he bought a car on. The broker declared this to halifax that we have an outstanding balance. Anyway I checked my partners credit score today on experian and it is now poor because the credit card payment is showing. We are going to pay it off each month as its interest free. Is this gonna make our application rejected at the end? As I presume they do 1 last credit check befor exchange


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    Hi Adele92 and welcome.

    I'm afraid I don't know the answer to your question. You're probably more likely to get the right kind of help if you post on the main "mortgages and endowments" board rather than here on MFW, so you could try asking there. I suspect the only real answer is that you'll have to wait and see what Halifx say, and nobody will be able to tell you for sure what that will be.

    Sorry not to be more helpful, and good luck with your mortgage. :)
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