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QuickQuid email - Have I been a victim of Fraud?

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  • I have spoken to them. It is a 'system error', according to the person I spoke to
  • tankmctankmc Forumite
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    I have spoken to them on the phone and they claim it is a 'system error'

    They really need to send a email and FAST then stating that.
  • I have spoken to them on the phone and they claim it is a 'system error'

    A strange 'system error' that apparently lets them hold details of people (like MarleyBoy on a previous post) who have never had any dealings with them.
  • iolanthe07 wrote: »
    I'm feeling lonely and abandoned. I did not have an e-mail from them this morning. Is it something that even my best friend won't tell me?
    Glad it's not just me. This is for everyone who didn't get the e-mail. :grouphug:
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  • they said to make a complaint if I so desired which I did. Here it is


    I wish to make a formal complaintconcerning an e-mail I received from yourselves this morning. In thee-mail(which I am happy to provide should you require it) it stated that 'Unless payment is made on your loan by 2August 2013 it may be sold to a third party collection agency'. However,the actual amount was stated as owed by the e-mail is n’/a’ which I assumedmeans not applicable (i.e, I do not have an outstanding balance). I thereforecontacted your collection team who confirmed that I did not have any suchoutstanding balance and the e-mail was as a result of a ‘system error’. Firstly,at the present time, there is currently no explanation or apology available onyour website concerning the error which has meant that I have had to use my owntime and expense in investigating a situation which has been wholly caused byyour mistake. In addition, I do notunderstand how it is possible for the e-mail to have been sent without any humanintervention.

    However, itconcerns me more that your company can make such a mistake concerning the statusof my account and it leaves me unsure as to wherever I can have confidence inusing your services in the future. Asyou can no doubt understand, this e-mail has caused me a significant amount ofstress and the lack of a public acknowledgement of it leads me to believe thatthe company does not want to take reasonability for their actions. In summary,I would like a full explanation of how this situation arose and how the companycan deem it acceptable for it to have transpired.

    I lookforward to your response

  • Candy53Candy53 Forumite
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    I haven't got one.

    Now, most of you, and there are many, have had nothing to do with these people. They now say it was a system error, so how did they have all of your email addresses?

    What goes around, comes around.
  • That's irrelevant Candy - this is a !!!! up.

    I've just forwarded this and a copy of the email on to the Sun for sh*ts and giggles, let's see what they'll make of it!
  • tankmctankmc Forumite
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    gb12345 wrote: »
    A strange 'system error' that apparently lets them hold details of people (like MarleyBoy on a previous post) who have never had any dealings with them.

    As i have said they own other companies such as Pounds to Pocket, they may have had a loan with them. Even applying for a loan, once they have your email its with them for life.
  • fermifermi Forumite
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    Several threads on same topic now merged.
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    "Consumers have been bombarded with emails from QuickQuid about outstanding debt, despite never having taken out a loan..."
    Read the full story:

    Warning: Ignore emails from 'QuickQuid' demanding non-existent debts


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