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June 2013 Grocery Challenge

edited 2 April 2013 at 3:55PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • meg72 wrote: »
    Ah I see that must be difficult, ah well not log to Oct eh.

    I know, it's a pain in the behind! :D I shouldn't complain, these years will whizz by before I know it and when I'm tootling off to the shops on my bicycle I'll wish I still had little 'helpers' to make it more interesting!
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  • MrsCautiousMrsCautious Forumite
    1.2K posts
    Debt-free and Proud! I've been Money Tipped!
    Spent £9 on:

    Red pepper
    1 white loaf (going to freeze half)
    1 wholemeal loaf (going to freeze half)
    Bag of salad
    4 pints milk
    2 six packs Hula Hoops
    2 packets Maryland chocolate cookies
    1 packet Medley bars

    Made YS prawns in Philadelphia with lemon, pasta and salad for tea, it was awful, as I put too much black pepper and crushed chillies in, just had to cool our mouths down with toffee cheesecake and squirty cream :)

    Touch wood am sticking to trying my best to come in under budget, meal planned until end of month, will be interesting to see how we go. My daughters are doing a charity bag pack on Sunday, I'm not intending on buying anything while we're there!

    Need all stuff for school lunches next week so am going to plan as best I can for that.
  • Billie-joBillie-jo Forumite
    1.2K posts
    meg72 wrote: »
    My Nan always told me what goes around comes around, i.e. do something nice or Bad and it comes back to you Never really thought this worked out but HEY the neighbour I took the 50p grapes and strawberrys last week has just knocked my door and asked if I can use a smartprice beef joint, almost 2 kg for 2.00.

    Actually I cant, am struggling to use up meat in freezers as it is, but I know someone that can, My DIL is going to be delighted tommorow.

    Nice to read that your kind deed paid you back Meg and in such a lovely way.

    Well cant remember if I posted yesterday or not (its an age thing) but either way I have had 2 NSD in a row. Shopping though tomorrow and have made a list and hope to keep to it.
    MARCH £62.38/250
  • I currently have £15 left to last me until next weekend, which I'm thinking should be plenty. Have been thinking I need to try to eat a bit healthier at breakfast or lunch for a few weeks - every day I seem to have toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch, so I'm thinking I should cut out a slice a day. I may mean investing in some slightly more expensive fruits (for fruit salads) or other ingredients for lunches.

    I definitely have enough food for my dinners to keep me going until probably about September time!
  • Tales17Tales17 Forumite
    257 posts
    Checking in, can't believe we are under budget by nearly 50% at over halfway through the month, I'm usually wondering how far overbudget we will go by this point!! :)

    Been running down the freezer stock so will need a meat delivery and also a wine top up but will hopefully push them into next month and budget accordingly!

    Hoping to make a proper attempt at getting my accounts / shopping database sorted soon, will make things so much easier and will be able to see exactly where everything is going! Wish me luck! :)
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    Total Saved - £923.31/£12000(8%)
  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Mortgage-free Glee!
    had a fun 20 mins sorting out all my packet mixes...approved foods and b and m i buy them when 5 for a quid or sometimes 10p a go...anyway i have more than one person needs so have shoved them in a box and put at the front of the cupboard with the plan being to use them either in the autumn or whenever the weather cools a bit...they have got to be used

    we are having a hm kfc for tea as a found some bread crumbs in the cupboard...what a naughty thing to buy

    does anyone know any nice recipes for dark chocolate as it is on offer this weekend at lidl ?? thanks

    onwards and upwards
  • I made something the other week that was amazing with dark chocolate. I don't know what to call it though!

    You need:
    Flaked almonds
    Dark chocolate
    Half a block of puff pastry
    golden syrup

    Get a swiss roll pan and roll the pastry to fit it, melt butter,sugar,honey and syrup in a pan until golden. Put almonds, sultanas and cornflakes in a bowl and add the butter sugar mix and stir well. Pour over the pastry and cook for 20 mins.

    I didn't have exact weights on product. I just added what I thought I would need to fill the tray. When cooked, let it cook and pour melted chocolater over the top then cut into pieces.

    It tastes a bit like a dime bar. It's so yummy!!. Definitely worth a try. I just used ingredients I had in the baking cupboard. You could use different cereals and other nuts too if you wanted! it's a great tray bake treat :) x x

    Goals: Save £500 for emergencies, Save £200 of Amazon vouchers for Xmas, fix my holey clothes!
    Frugal living 2014
  • sefilbysefilby Forumite
    148 posts
    Delcaring £138.65/£130 for June.

    In light of having to tweak my budget reducing it by £50 to take into account the wages screw up. I think this month has gone really well.

    Mr T £33.09
    Ald* £9.41

    See you all in July xx
    Christmas budget £266.38/£535 15/27gifts
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  • Suffolk_lassSuffolk_lass Forumite
    4.3K posts
    Tenth Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Photogenic
    does anyone know any nice recipes for dark chocolate as it is on offer this weekend at lidl ?? thanks


    HM Chocolate sauce
    You could melt some in a pan with some cream (stirring occasionally) and then pour it over vanilla ice cream

    Perhaps that's why my healthy diet is slow to work though...


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  • MimmsieMimmsie Forumite
    37 posts
    Afternoon all. Have not been posting all week but have keep a tab of my spends and updated my signature accordingly. Unfortunately I will not be in budget this month.
    Aiming to be debt free as of Sept 2013
    Loan amount owing £193.66/£774.64.
    Joined GC June 2013
    June 13 GC £345.93/£300
    July 13 GC/£200
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