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Considered selling your House yourself?



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    To get your house on the internet, register at putting on your house details as you'd see on an estate agents web site. Within a couple of days you'll be on They get you on fish4homes for free for 3 weeks, after then you have to pay. can also get you fixed up for a good sign for well under £100, you can even design it yourself. We got ours within a couple of days too.

    We're just starting this process and are getting bemused looks from some people who can't understand why we'd want to sell our house ourselves. Don't know if it's a Devon thing as people don't do anything out of the ordinary around here. That attitude might mean people won't be confident to buy from us directly, so we might have to resort to an estate agent in the end. Any further advice would be greatly received.
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    There is a big list of For sale by owner sites at

    Many are free to list, others cost money.:money:

    Either way if you are thinking of selling its definately worth setting up a basic web page of house details and listing it on a few of the free sites.
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