Abbey Credit Card problems, please help

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Please can someone advise me on what I should do next?

I have an Abbey Credit Card, which up until May gave me no problems, I was getting my statements and I had online access.

Then in June I stopped getting statements and my online access stopped working. My company requires me to submit statements on a monthly basis so I can claim back expenses, and I have been unable to do this for the months of June and July, and despite me teling abbey repeatedly my deadline for submitting my expenses has now passed and I am now left out of pocket of over £2k.

I also get told that the reason I cannot access my accoutn online is due to the move to santander and I will require new ID's. So I request new ID's, I get one ID to my parents address an old address on my account and one to my current address, and when I query this no one at abbey can explain why I am getting letters to my parents.

Finally I am promised and guaranteed that the last of my Id's will be sent by recorded delivery before my expenses deadline, but like everything else, I still havent recieved anything, and when I ask for the tracking number I am then informed that it wasnt actually sent by recorded delivery.

This is unacceptable and I dont seem to be getting anywhere, I have made a complaint, but Abbey say it can take upto 8 weeks for a response to my complaint. I now have a huge phone bill and am being charged interest on my credit card as I have been able to claim my expenses, and customer services say they have posted the items and that they cannot help me no more.

What do I do? Please help, I am so frustrated, I dont think I can bear to talk to them no more.... .:confused::mad:


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    You will talk to them because it is your money and you want it ,once the bank is sorted out you should be able to claim your expenses back from your company if you can't then I would look to the bank to pay these.
    Go in to a branch and explain it to one of the personal staff(not a cashier)and show them dates names of people you have spoken to time and lenght of calls and evidence that you are required to submit your statements to your company to reclaim your expenses.Tell them politely that you have tried to sort this out and their reply has been unhelpful and negative.
    Then tell them the amount of debt you have incurred including your telephone calls letters,personal time taken to make these calls ,the interest stacking up and present them with the total as a bill.
    Finish of by requesting it is sorted out within 48 hours or the bill will increase .(be prepared to accept 7 days but no more)
    If progress is still like hitting a wall make notes of everyone you have spoken to and outline the circumstances again and send it to the banking ombudsman allowing them 40 days to respond to your complaint.
    You should mention that you will be doing this while in the bank talking to the staff and make a note of their replies.
    Personally I have only had to state that I will envolve the banking ombudsman and my situations have been resolved quickly and my funds returned.
    good luck.
    Be polite all the time,ask for what you are owed plus interest or out of pocket expenses(bus/tube/taxis etc.)and get a cast iron answer on every issue and take notes and don't be afraid to repeat your requests.
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  • Short term - go into a branch and see if they can help tomorrow morning.

    After that - open up an MBNA card and start to use that. then close down your Abbey credit card. MBNA ran the card before it was shifted to Abbey. If the facilities MBNA offered you worked for you in a better way than the Abbey offering, then it is a no brainer what you do.
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    Make sure the Abbey cashier changes every address on their file to your current address. Sometimes cashiers will leave old addresses on the customer database, which can confuse the system making it send stuff for some products to your current address and some to the new address.
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