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What cable do I need to conect my Sony Vaio N21s/w to my Toshiba Regza HD TV


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    Not possible to connect a laptop by a single cable to a TV, HD or not. There are devices which can convert the computer signal for TVs but are expensive.

    AFAIK The video output from your Sony is via a VGA 15 pin socket meant to connect to a monitor. If it had a DVI-D output, which I dont think it has, there are adapters.
    TVs have a different way of scanning the picture onto the screen.
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    If your laptop has an S-Video socket (most do) then a simple S-Video cable will do the trick - £2 from ebay jobby if you don't have one kicking around
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    Not possible to connect a laptop by a single cable to a TV, HD or not.


    Old standard TVs. Many laptops come with a SVHS connector. Many TVs have a SVHS socket. Some laptops come with a composite socket in which case you need a SCART adapter (same as the one Playstation 2's come with) and a lead to connect from the composite connector on the laptop to the yellow connector on the SCART adapter.

    LCD TVs.

    If it's got a 15 pin D socket (VGA connector), all you need is a VGA lead to connect between that and the VGA socket on the laptop although you'll not get audio from the TV. If the TV has a DVI socket, the same lead is used but you need a VGA to DVI adapter for the TV end.


    Your TV has a 15 pin D sub connector. You can run in 1024x768, 800x600 or 640x480 resolutions at 60Hz.

    All you need is a VGA Male to Male lead. There's a 5 metre one here for under a fiver.
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