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This thread is specifically for discussing the new Fun Demotivator Tool 'The Demotivator' in the Stop Spending article.
Questions and comments on the Stop Spending article itself can be made in this Stop Spending article discussion.

To discuss the demotivator or ask a question: click reply
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  • CrownCrown Forumite
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    Thanksfor this. I had already worked out that I was wasting a fortune but this tool is excellent!

    My downfall is buying junk food on the way home from work and although not every day it adds up. According to 'The Demotivator' I work 3 weeks a year for food that makes me fat and I dont really enjoy...

    Another cool toy play with.. cheers Martin and team! :beer:
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  • CTT_2CTT_2 Forumite
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    I spend 50p a day on coffee and according to the calculator I spend over £8,000 over the course of my working life. Total crap but fun.
  • elantanelantan Forumite
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    ok i have just had a wee quick peek at this and i like it makes me feel a wee bit guilty however but maybe that's a good thing will spend more time on it i reckon...anyone else?
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  • Spendaholic_ChickSpendaholic_Chick Forumite
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    That's quite cool!
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  • immoral_angelukimmoral_angeluk Forumite
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    I don't need a tool to tell me I spend too much money on crap... :rotfl:
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  • This is FANTASTIC.... I'm definately gonna show this to OH so he can shock himself by seeing how much pizza and beer ACTUALLY costs :eek:

    Great tool Martin, thanks!
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  • Wow, I think I knew I was spending a lot on stuff I don't need or that doesn't bring anything to my life. But seeing it in black and white and all added up was quite eye-opening. I'm at least going to try and think before I spend money on 'crap' next time!
  • i do this all the time but with my trusted calculator... now martin can do all the work for me... thanks :D

    martin can you add a 'once' choice (in the how many times do you buy it) though, then people can work out how many hours they have to work to afford the new £900 tv they are about to purchase :rolleyes: dont know if it can work though :confused:
  • Bug - clear the results then do another one. Print it and see the previously cleared one still there (perhaps bug if only use exactly same name for item?)
  • tealadytealady Forumite
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    Tried it, loved it. When I saw how many weeks I have to work to pay for my bad habits it was a real eye opener.
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