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Is your home phone and broadband provider any good?

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Is your home phone and broadband provider any good?

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Poll started 14 May 2013

We can tell you who the cheapest providers are, but to find out if their service is any good, we need your help, so twice a year we ask you to tell us about your customer service experiences.

Please rate your provider(s) on customer service (not price) over the past 6 MONTHS. Phone & broadband from same provider? Rate each service separately.

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  • ceejayblueceejayblue Forumite
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    We're with Virgin Media and over the last few months we've had problems with the broadband and Tivo. I've complained several times and got goodwill gestures of around £30 so far. Had to complain again yesterday because our 60mb broadband speed was actually only 2.3MB! Apparently there are problems on the system in our local area but this has been going on since end of March and its fine for a few days then it drops again!

    We will keep on complaining and hopefully getting some compensation for the poor service.
  • ArchipetArchipet Forumite
    2 posts
    We have been with O2 for home phone and broadband for a couple of years. The price was good because we had had an O2 mobile since 2008, so we got a loyalty discount of around £6/month. The quality was also fine and my only complaint was that they put up the prices of our fixed-term, fixed price mobile contracts in January. In my view, that was immoral if not actually illegal.
    When they told me that they were selling our accounts to Sky, I contracted with Virgin Media for fibre optic broadband and phone. This is being installed on Thursday. I am aware that Virgin have a poor reputation for customer service and I will be paying around a tenner a month more but we will benefit from ten times faster broadband.

    I didn't really have a choice because I will never have any dealings with Murdoch's evil empire. I would love to know how many O2 and BE customers are jumping ship to avoid the clutches of Sky.
  • Virgin Media

    Phone: Keep getting calls for previous owner of number (debt collection). Hard to get through to correct department to get it solved.
    Broadband: Fantastic! No issues at all.

    Overall: Great service. Rubbish customer service. And very pricey.
  • ineedineed Forumite
    4.4K posts
    We are with Sky for phone and broadband. We have unlimited net and international call package.

    No problems with the phone, we get the free evening (after 6) and weekend calls and cheap calls abroad, reasonable bill for it.

    However the Internet isn't good, we've had no end of problems although to give Sky credit they have tried to fix all issues and succeeded at some.

    Over all verdict: good customer service as you can always get through to someone and they are always offering deals and perks to existing customers, good phone service, Internet service could be better. Pricing isn't bad.
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  • SystemSystem
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    Virgin Media.

    10 out of 10 for what they provide.

    1 out of 10 for their customer service. They got the 1 for eventually answering my call.
  • PmarmaladePmarmalade Forumite
    175 posts
    Every time this poll comes up I give O2 top marks for several years of excellent and faultless service.

    Since they've been bought by Sky now and I have no idea what to expect, I'll not bother...
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    PmarmaladePmarmalade Forumite
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    edited 14 May 2013 at 3:39PM
    Archipet wrote: »
    I would love to know how many O2 and BE customers are jumping ship to avoid the clutches of Sky.

    Once the £5 O2 discount ceases, I'm most likely off to Plusnet.

    If Plusnet or someone else were to do an O2/Sky switcher promotion and offer... that would be a stroke of genius.
  • RafterRafter Forumite
    3.8K posts
    Would be more useful if it included a value for money measure.

    No problem with BT service so far - but price is ridiculous compared to others - I'm guessing to pay for all the Football they want to show.

    Unfortunately I prepaid line rental so not worth switching for a bit - but the difference between pricing for new and existing customers is now outrageous.

    Smile :), it makes people wonder what you have been up to.
  • MrsAtobeMrsAtobe Forumite
    1.4K posts
    I'm with BT for home phone, nothing to write (or phone) home about.

    I'm with Aquiss for my broadband, and their customer service is absolutely outstanding. In fact when we moved, Martin (their techy) pointed out that as I was moving to a new exchange, I could switch to a product that was cheaper than the one I was on. Very MSE!
    Good enough is good enough, and I am more than good enough!:j

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  • Andrews and Arnold - not the cheapest (OK - actually relatively pricey - I know, I know, these forums are meant to *save* you money), but *the* best customer service ever. If you actually rely on your broadband for anything important, then can't recommend them enough.

    Have got Be at work, and the link they sent me about switching to Sky went to a page, which said "Switch to the best in customer service". Apparently they'd won an award from Ofcom, where they were the best.... out of:

    TalkTalk, BT, Virgin and Sky.

    Soo.... not a very high bar then.

    So I'm switching... to the best ;)
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