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Buying a house - most stressful time ever?!



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    I was looking for a new house .A house came on the market on 19 February .On the 20th I phoned asking for a viewing .Had a viewing on the 22st .Asking price £88,000 ,I offered £81,000 agent rejected offer immediately .I left the offer at £81000 .March 14 the agent phoned to say they had an offer of £82,000 ,I said its not realy worth more but I increased my offer to £83,000 . ( was there ever an offer of £82,000 )Agent phoned back to say offer was accepted .I arranged a second viewing for the 16th March . I arranged the surveyors and the solicitor on the 18th March ,I received the keys 3rd May .For the first time I didn't stress about moving . I knew it would take at least 6 weeks . The Friday before I completed I emailed the solicitor at 6.30pm ,he phoned me back at 9.00 pm.What solicitor would phone you at 9.00pm on a Friday night .
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  • Selling is bad enough, but buying may well be worse. Where I live - an expensive part of the country - there is an incredible shortage of decent properties. We have been looking for a month and anything remotely decent is sold in a day. Fortunately our buyer is understanding and willing to give us more time but it's a real nightmare.
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    Well our whole house buying process started 10 weeks ago when we had our offer accepted on a property. Since then we have found our conveyancer to be very slow. After numerous attempts to phone him we had to use email. He will not answer or return our calls, but does seem to respond to email! We got our mortgage broker involved, as well as the estate agent and raised a complaint against him. We finally had some correspondence from him on Monday when he emailed us a copy of the letter he had sent sellers solicitor on 19th April. They never received this letter! So we emailed the letter to estate agent to pass on to sellers solicitor!

    It seems the only time something gets done is when we intervene! We informed our conveyancer weeks ago that we would like to complete by 13th May. That is not looking likely as we haven't signed contracts yet!

    Just wondering if anyone else has had any stressful experiences? We are FTB and never want to go through this again! Sleepless nights, stress on our family. Nothing about this process has been enjoyable!!

    After we finally sign a contract, what happens next? Any timeline?

    Thanks in advance

    It certainly is very stressful! We were FTBs back in July last year when we put our offer in which was accepted.

    6 months later, January 2013, we finally completed!!!!!!

    The stress over those 6 months drove me insane. We were all set to go, mortgage approved, solicitors all sorted, etc.

    Surprisingly it was the sellers who were slow going hence why it took from July 2012 to January 2013. EA, bank, & solicitors all went smoothly and cannot fault them at all. Their services were superb.

    We signed the contract middle of November last year, yet seller wasn't ready to sign till Jan this year...........It was a strange experience for us and we thought we'd never get the house. Basically the vendors just !!!!!! us, EA & solicitors around & I think they were having second thoughts at one point. No-one knew what was going on with them. Definately a fair few sleepless nights. I think I'd go so far as to say those few months were the worst of my life!

    Finally after 6 very long & stressful months, the house finally became ours, & I can say it's the best thing we've ever done. Any longer I think I would have had a nervous breakdown!!! Thankfully life is now back to normal!

    Has anyone else had experience in having to wait that long in the purchase of a house?!!!!

    Safe to say we won't be moving for a VERY long time!!!!!!!! Moving house/being a FTB is defo up there as being the most stressful thing to go through.

    Good luck with everything, hope it all works out.
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