Account in credit - can I cancel direct debit

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Ok, have had my water bill in and it's in credit for the first time! woo hoo! used to be one of the favourite d/d to cancel when I use to be in debt and money was tight, the convo's back then of "oh I must have accidentally cancelled this direct debit..." can I re-set malarky must have been quite funny! :o

Question now unemployed can I cancel the direct debit even if for a couple of months whilst it is in the black? or should I call up Anglian Water and ask them to re-look at direct debit figure? see if it can be lowered, as I've been overpaying to land up with credit?

Thanks for any advice


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    first how much credit?
    some company's will refund any credit over £150 but the better option is to have them look at you dd amount and change as needed
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    A credit on a metered water bill is not really 'valid' untill your meter has been read.

    For instance I might have my meter read in, say, March and my account balance be zero. I then pay, say, £40 a month by DD. By September I will appear to be £240 in credit. However that is meaningless until my meter is read(or estimated) and I could be in debit.
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