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    But does post to your area count as 'standard' mainland deliver? I don't see it as immoral, its just normal advertising practice - to cram all the T+Cs into their main banner would be difficult and remove the quick 'punch' effect of it, they're designed to grab your attention and then make you look closer.

    If it costs a company significantly more to post to certain areas then they need to recoup their costs somewhere. Some companies choose to charge a postage fee thy averages out over their highest and lowest costs, some will offer low/free postage for the majority and have to charge for the higher postage to allow them to do this. And some may recoup postage costs with higher product prices or other charges. They're a business afterall, their main aim is to make a profit not provide free/subsidised postage to absolutely everyone.

    I understand what the aims of a business are thanks, and I understand that higher costs need to be recouped to fulfil those aims. However, getting someone onto a website using a headline banner that then proves to be incorrect for many people in the UK is immoral -the fact that a lot of businesses do it doesn't make it right.

    When you consider that in the UK, Parcelforce still charge the same price irrespective of where you live there are options for these firms that wish to advertise All UK mainland standard delivery is FREE of charge. Fortunately we still have a choice so can avoid using firms that hide extra fees behind false banners like this.

    Anyway, sorry springer211 to turn your thread into something different to your original question.

  • Thank you everyone for the feedback and useful info :)
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