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Five OS Pleasures in your day today

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  • lil_melil_me Forumite
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    Oh this is a tricky one, trying to be positive and think of the little things, but thanks thrifylady for making me think about them......

    1. Drying outside and on airers instead of using drier (thinking how much electric I save as the bills been huge last year)
    2. Reorganising my sons room, reusing the furniture we have in other places instead of buying new (would have previously done this)
    3. Spending only £7 on the shopping I need until Thursday then I will only need fruit and veg for the week thanks to meal plan (previously would have just walked in and spent £100 on what I don't need)
    4. Helping DP with his car stuff using OS cleaning methods, sort of a compliment when he says 'You'll know something that will clean this off' did say thanks aswell, shocked!
    5. 30 degrees washing and the fact my 6 year old now knows how to use it, especially the spoon of powder, should have heard him telling a friend off when he seen her putting a scoup full in :rotfl: Ok so he did switch it on when Dad was in the shower as it was full and Dad got a cold suprise :rotfl:

    Thriftylady please do you have a recipe for the chocolate fudge pudding ?
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • buxtonrabbitgreenbuxtonrabbitgreen Forumite
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    1 Oh bringing a huge bag of damsons and cooking apples home donated by someone at work because I would make good use of them and the donater want a sample.

    2 just had a slice of banana bread made with reduced banans yum.

    3 going into the garden to pick a lettuce and some tomatoes to go with the homemade pizza and chips

    4 getting the washing and tent dry outside

    5 killing a load of slugs (not os but made me feel good)
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  • smokybabesmokybabe Forumite
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    1. cleaning my house this afternoon after the excesses of me working the whole weekend and the children running riot with their dad.

    2. Taking my breakfast (tub of chopped fresh fruit) and lunch (cold mixed rice flavoured with garlic and hm coleslaw) to work and everyone commenting on how nice it looked.:D

    3. Getting all the washing done and pegging out (half an hour ago!) and all current ironing DONE.:eek:

    4. pulling the gammon out of the freezer for tea. (OK. OK. but I usually forget!:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: )

    5. Some more surveys done and now £20.70 owed towards the Xmas shop. :T :T :T
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    Today I realised that as I am having a year off from my 'normal' life so to speak I will be having a lot more time on my hands so I intend to use it wisely
    I enjoy my HM soups and will now start to utilise my kitchen even more than usual.
    I have a BM and when my arm is a bit more used to being able to carry things I am going to use it as it has sat on the shelf for over a year !!
    First thing I intend to do is work down my freezer as it has umpteen things 'lurking' in there that I have forgotten about. My tin cupboard wants using up as well.I think I will have a use it up month in September as I can't get much more into my cupboards any way. The cupboard under the sink wants clearing as well I think I must have god knows how many cleaning bits under there so they are going to get sorted and listed .I also want to de-clutter my spare room of around 40 years of records.I may ring up a dealer and get the lot shifted .This year off will do me good I think as I will get my clutter sorted and either recycled or sold or dumped .Baby steps at first though as I must not do too much or I'll end up back in hospital. But I have got the bit between my teeth now .
  • thriftmonsterthriftmonster Forumite
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    Can I add 5 OS holiday pleasures from last week - cos they made me feel good!

    1. Going to Donegal - no flights or ferries - yeah!!

    2. Taking picnic bag & equipment so that we could take HM lunches everywhere

    3. Seeing the kids on Portsalon beach in their free/ second hand wetsuits

    4. Hanging the washing out on the line even in Donegal - actually I think we had better weather than most last week

    5. Having saved up the spending money over the year so that it was there in August ready.

    Ready to get back to full OS now.
    “the princess jumped from the tower & she learned that she could fly all along. she never needed those wings.”
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  • stefejbstefejb Forumite
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    1. knowing what's for tea for the next few days
    2. wandering around the garden to see what's ready to pick
    3. Doing without a washing machine for ages and saving electricity
    4. taking bread out of the fridge in the morning to bake - that smell wakes me up while i'm getting ready
    5. Having more energy from eating simpler, healthier food
    I'm going to feed our children non-organic food and with the money saved take them to the zoo - half man half biscuit 2008
  • boo81boo81 Forumite
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    Yesterdays pleasures were:
    1. Having my favorite meal and without any fuss as it was defrosted from the freezer
    2. Finding dessert in the freezer when I wanted a sweet treat (little cherry pie)
    3. Having a shower at the gym and knowing it has saved me money at home
    4. Realising I have more money than i thought after cashing up my change last week
    5. Cleaning my cooker with newly found stardrops
  • shell2001shell2001 Forumite
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    Here ya go Lil_me. But be warned it is toooooo nice! Especially with cream, ice-cream, on its own! lol

    Chocolate fudge Pudding
    First find a cup that holds 8 fl oz of liquid(a US cup measure)

    Grease a shallow baking dish - about 9'' by 13''

    Sift together
    1 cup plain flour
    2 tsp baking powder
    1 tsp salt
    ⅔ cup sugar
    2 tbsp cocoa

    ½ cup milk
    2 tbsp melted butter or marge
    1 tsp vanilla extract(optional)

    Mix until just smooth,then spoon into the baking dish.

    Mix together
    4 tbsp cocoa
    1 cup soft brown sugar(light or dark)

    Sprinkle over batter in dish.
    Pour over all 1 ½ cups of just-boiled water - DO NOT STIR

    Bake for 40 mins at 180c
    Serve warm with whipped cream......yummmy
    When it's cooked there will be a thick fudgy sauce a the bottom of the pudding and a cakey bit on top. It's nice with some instant coffee(about a dessert spoon) added to the cocoa and sugar bit. ;)
  • tapladytaplady Forumite
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    Mine were

    1. drying lots of washing on the line!

    2. eating HM butternut squash soup for lunch(yummy)

    3. Eating HM spiced apple fruit cake - made with apples given to me from my uncles tree!

    4. DH picking a huge load of cherry tomatoes from the greenhouse!

    5. washing my car with a bucket, watering can and some Stardrops!

    Am sure theres loads more!
    Thanks Thriftlady for making us think about the benefits of living OS!:T
    Do what you love :happyhear
  • belfastgirl23belfastgirl23 Forumite
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    1. having a freezer full of things I made myself

    2. now timing my washing according to the weather forecast and knowing that the BBC one is the best :)

    3. Feeling in control of my finances rather than the other way around & having enough money to pay for household emergencies in cash rather than by credit.

    4. For the first time ever a surprise parental visit didn't send me into a flat spin of cleaning and I even had time to make some HM soup which my dad wanted the recipe for!

    5. Being greener with my cleaning stuff.

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