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I've been signed up with Experian since new year so I can keep my eye on my credit score to see how it's doing.

It hasn't changed at all since January. The same figure for "amount of outstanding debt", same figure for "amount of available credit". All exactly the same, nothing at all has changed in three months. This is blatantly nonsense.

Do they ever update their records?


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    experian will only say they report when they get info from the companies who you hold accounts with. it may be worth finding out from the companies you have accounts with when they update their records and past dates of these updates, then ask experian why they are not updating records.
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    Their credit score means diddly squat so don't worry about it not changing. It's the report data that's the important bit.
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    It's the report data that's the problem, it's just hopelessly out of date. Apparently, according to the credit account information, it was updated 10th March but I that's nonsense.
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    Each live credit account has a 'details updated' date so you can see exactly when we last added new data from each lender. Are you saying an account has been updated but there's something on there that should have changed but hasn't? If you want to report a specific issue along these lines then feel free to do this using our [FONT=&quot]online query form[/FONT]. All live accounts are updated once a month, once the new data has passed through quality control.

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    Hi James,

    I've been regularly checking Credit Expert lately as I wanted to do a balance transfer to a new card which is all in place now but logging in tonight my mortgage account seems to have disappeared! Obviously this has had a knock on effect to my score which I'm not too concerned about as I won't be applying for credit for the foreseeable.

    I think this must have something to do with my mortgage being with Halifax but moving over to LLoyds Banking Group systems and a change of roll number I believe all customers have had - can you please advise whether the system will catch up and start re-showing the account as I've had it for six years without any issues so I wouldn't like it to reset from scratch or, worse, not show at all. TIA
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