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April 2013 Grocery Challenge

edited 24 March 2013 at 12:36PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • WantToBeSEWantToBeSE Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped! Debt-free and Proud!
    Morning all.
    Still no spending for me today.
    I made some raisin scones using water instead of milk (no milk left) and mixed dried fruit instead of raisins, and bicarb instead of baking powder.

    i thought they were going to be a disaster, but they turned out to be lovely :D They are more like puffy biscuits than scones, but they have filled a hole!

    Determined not to spend ANYTHING until Friday, so will go without my cups of tea (no milk), or try it black...we'll see!

    lbnblbnb i am impressed with you managing on £200 for a family of 4, i struggle to keep in that budget with a family of 3! Good luck to dreamingofmoney :)
  • Bluegreen143Bluegreen143 Forumite
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    lbnblbnb wrote: »
    bluegreen that looks lovely. We all love gnocchi and I have half a butternut squash already roasted in the fridge...!
    Would you mind sharing your blog? Always interested in delicious but frugal recipes. X

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it here (though there's no ads or anything, I don't make money from it) but its listed as my homepage in my user profile :)

    Edit - very impressed with your low budget, mine is £185 for two of us!! But OH does like rubbish like crisps, coke etc. If I stay in budget I'm going to try reducing again next month but its getting hard to stick to now...
    :heart: Married 1 March 2014 :heart::D DS born 06 Dec 2014 :D DD born 14 Dec 2018
  • Started the month with a NSD, but went to MrT today for shop. Was supposed to be mainly top ups, fresh veg and milk, but ended up stockpiling some offers, so total spend was 49.20.

    And this also included 6.99 for flowers and one of those pyrex dishes (discounted with points from 9.99 to 3.99), so I actually think it's not that bad for the amount of shopping I got.

    Meal plan for rest of the week is:
    Today: lamb chops, peas and potatoes
    Wed: toad in hole, broccoli, carrot
    Thu: salmon with potatoes, mixed veg
    Fri: HM pizza

    Might swap Wed with Thu depending on what we fancy on the day itself :)
    Have not done any baking this weekend, but will see if I can whip up something today or tomorrow.

    Hope everyone is able to enjoy the sun today!
  • pinkypigpinkypig Forumite
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    Seventh Anniversary 1,000 Posts
    Bitterly cold here today and trying to snow so today will be a NSD because I can't face venturing out.
    Had family over for dinner last night which was lovely. We had roast beef but because it was a large joint I only carved and put out half of it but did loads of veg, mash, roasties and gravy. Everyone was stuffed and there were two decent slices of beef left plus the other bit of the joint will do us two more meals. I have made a meat and pot pie for the freezer with the left over slices, veg and gravy. We will have the rest tonight with peppercorn sauce and rice and the remainder in hot baguettes with fried onions, wedges and salad tomorrow. Feel less guilty about spending £10.45 on it now:)

    Also had enough left over pastry to make a quiche for the freezer and 8 jam tarts :j
    PP xx
    MFW 2018 #157 Target £15,000:eek:

    £23,095.71/£15,000:j :j :j
  • sheeppapparsheeppappar Forumite
    252 posts
    hurrah just went through my receipts and actually spent less than i thought - £80 so far instead of £100 as other stuff was birthday presents and the dvd and buckets i had remembered.. hurrah!
    hope everyone's enjoying the short week :) x
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  • Welsh_PoppyWelsh_Poppy Forumite
    979 posts
    craigywv For you:-) Thanks for making me bold or would have missed the post.

    We went to Prague and my DH had this and wanted me to recreate it it is the best I could do and it is his favorite meal.

    Wp's Hungarian Goulash

    740gm beef shin
    2-3 tablespoon oil
    2 onions finely sliced
    1 red pepper chopped
    2 tablespoon paprika
    10z plain flour
    2 tins chopped tomatoes
    1 pint beef stock
    Bouquet garni
    1 teaspoon dried thyme
    1/4 pint natural yoghurt
    parsley to garnish

    1.Saute meat in oil in a large pan,remove to a dish
    2. Lower heat and saute the onions and red peppe in the remaining fat in the pan until softened.
    3.Add the flour and paprika,cook stirrng for a minute and then add tomatoes and stock and bring to a smmer Stirring constantly.eturn meat to the pan along with Bouquet garni and thyme and sesoning.
    4.Transfer to slow cooker and cook on a simmer for 6-8 hours
    5. Make dumplings and add to slow cooker.
    6.Serve with fresh parsley and a dollop of yoghurt (or cream)on top and enjoy.
    Weight loss challenge 66lb to go /59lb's lost

    Grocery Budget January £150/£175
    Feb £150/
  • Welsh_PoppyWelsh_Poppy Forumite
    979 posts
    NSD today so 2 days without sending money.
    I had poached egg and beans on toast out after long walk so just a roll for dinner for me.

    Menu Plan
    Wednesday....veggie meat loaf and salad
    Thursday Mushroom,onion topped with mash potato and veggie sausage(making veggie toad in hole for DS who is visiting)
    Friday lentil burger and potato wedges
    Saturday sausage and bean pie(topped with mash not pastry)
    Sunday Roast dinner minus the roast part:-)
    Weight loss challenge 66lb to go /59lb's lost

    Grocery Budget January £150/£175
    Feb £150/
  • liz-paulliz-paul Forumite
    899 posts
    Today I have baked apple & banana muffins, giant choc chip cookies (used an easter egg to make the choc chips ;)), flapjacks & I have brownies in the oven which are nearly ready. Was thinking I would do scones too but I'm a bit fed up with baking now :o

    I'm fed up with myself cos I baked the cookies for too long and they are hard rather than soft & chewy. Still perfectly edible but not quite what I wanted.... Once it's all cool will sort out freezing some and work out what else will be for what days (I have 2 days childminding, one play date at our house and another at a friends house this week so need stuff for all of those.....).

    Meal plan for this week in no particular order:
    Chicken in mushroom sauce (from a jar)
    Chicken tikka masala (from a bake in the bag kit)
    Roast gammon
    Falafel & wraps
    Fish lasagne
    And one night we're going out.
    I don't normally use a lot of things like sauces in jars but I bought some recently because basically my kids are fussy and its depressing to cook for them sometimes & I'm sick of eating the same few meals all the time. This way I can eat something a bit different without making any effort and you never know we might find something they like!!!!!
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  • £4.60 spend in ffoods on milk bread and some roasties
    oh goodness -just checked auto spell and it had changed roasties to rosaries :rotfl:
    Hopefully don't need much at all this week, freezer and larder full to bursting !
    . FEB GC £255.82£240 :mad::mad::mad:
    MAR GC 230.46/ £240 :T:T
    APRIL GC 237.84/ £230 :(:(:(
    MAY GC £296.10/£ 270 (5 week month !):mad:
  • edited 2 April 2013 at 4:16PM
    K9sandFelinesK9sandFelines Forumite
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    edited 2 April 2013 at 4:16PM
    one of those pyrex dishes (discounted with points from 9.99 to 3.99)

    Do you know when this is on offer until, i have three on these tokens but shop online? I am however passing a store after half-term, when i have an Audiology appointment.
    *edit* Just looked 26 May 2013

    I have had a spend of of £6.21 in Co-op; everything yellow sticker bar one item ... chicken thighs @£2.09, which i de-skinned/de-boned (fed between dog (cooked off in Actifry) and one cat ... the other cats didn't like the raw meat and bones). This has been half frozen and the other half is in slow cooker, in Szechuan sauce. Also got, 2 x 2pks of Cadbury's trifles @55p, 3 x wholemeal rolls @35p, 2 x 8 pks of sweet pancakes @55p, 1 small Hovis best of both @40p and 3 cartons of o.juice for 47p. M-u-s-t n-o-t b-u-y a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g e-l-s-e t-i-l t-h-e 5th (when i buy DD's cake) or my top-up allowance will be gone :embarasse!!

    Managed to come across vouchers for Thurs' shop plus £5 off generic voucher, means i have got about £20 worth off offers and money off, so bringing it to the required £40 spend!!!

    Sig updated, plus 10p i missed offyesterday's shop.
    GC 2017 £3,434.09 GC 2018 £2,250.95 GC 2019 £3,053.51 GC 2020 Jan (absent) Feb £340.16/£320 Mar £363.25/£350 Apr £249.34/£350 May £491.30/£350 Jun £90.79/350
    Forever learning the art of frugality
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