Do pre payment meters cost the same as paper billing?

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This may sound like a really silly question, but I just wondered if using pre payments meters cos more than if you do not have one?

I am with EON for both gas and electric and I have no idea if I am paying simular to others in the same sized house / family etc.

Is it worth me asking to come off pre payments meters? As in would it be a cheaper tarriff or exactly the same?
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  • Pre payment meters usually cost the same as the suppliers standard tariff.
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    As already said PPM costs about the same as Pay On Bill. The cheaper tariffs are pay by DD and manage your accont online. So unless you are prepared to pay by DD, then PPM has the advantage of no shock bills.
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  • Thank you for your replies. I think it will be wise for me to stay on prepayment meters then.

    I have a shop next door where I can top up, so I do not struggle when I run out or need to top up.

    I just wondered if you were charged more for the prepayments so thank you for responding :)
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    There are useful incentives you would be missing out of by staying on the prepays. BGas pay 6% off for direct debit, eg £18 off a £300 quarterly gas bill. plus other bits off for dual fuel, paperless billing.
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    I actually prefer the prepay meter, it takes all the stress out of bills. It is relaxing to always know where you are.

    It isn't a case of always running to the shop either, you can top up with large sums if you wish.
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    Hi SunshineButterfly

    Just to confirm what others have said, our prepayment unit prices are virtually the same as those on our standard credit tariff.

    You do, though, miss out on some of our other tariffs and discounts for paying with a Direct Debit.

    Sorry for late reply - Easter and all that.

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