MISS SOLD Economy 7 11 years ago

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I ve just opened what i think is a Large "can of Worms".
My Electric Bill for this Quarter was £205.00 Nov to Feb.

Now i live in a 1 Bed House With Gas Central Heating , Gas Cooker , and no Power Shower just the Normal Combi.

Ive never discussed my Bills before , when i spoke to a friend about his Bill it was £75 Cheaper . Now He asked me the Kws used and i said Day then Night Rate.
He said why do you have a Night Rate , you havent any Storage Heaters ?.

Now on aversage, Storage Heaters use Approximatly 57 % of your Electric. As i have None my usage at night is 27% in the Winter and 10% in the Summer.
if i add the Higher Day Rate which is double the Standard for the First 900 kws and divide the lower Day Rate by 2 im paying over 9p per kw in the Day. ok im getting a much lower Rate at Night but have added to that im £200 approximatly out of Pocket every Year.

Now when i moved in i was Sold this by a Door step seller, I was offered no explanation , nor did i know i was on Economy 7 because my Bill said Day and Night Rate, I thought that was Standard.!

Now ive never bothered with asking, because i didnt know, i was unaware i was on the wrong Tarrif.

Its only because my Bill hit £200 i asked a friend. Since then ive contracred 9 other people , and some have 4 Bed houses that are know where near my Bill.

I have done extensive Calculus and reckon im out of Pocket by £4.12 a week on average. times 11 years , thats alot of Dosh.
ive started the "Ball Rolling" and have proof ive never had Storage Heaters in the time ive lived here.

Ok to summerise It doesnt mention Economy 7 on my Bill , it just has Day and Night , which i thought was normal, i was none the wiser.

Im reasonably clued up but this has really shocked me.

I wonder if anybody else on here has similar situations , and if so any out comes ?
All i want is back what ive over paid, if i have to go through ever process i will.

regards jul


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    Presumably you have an economy 7 tariff because you have an E7 meter, that is not mis selling. You can go onto a different tariff with *some* suppliers but it's not the default or norm, you have to request the figures are added together. Not all suppliers will offer this facility.

    It's your responsibility as energy user to understand your tariff, to read the meters regularly, to switch if needs be. If you have not used a price comparison site to switch in eleven years that is your error. A doorstep salesperson would only go on the information given to them, presumably you were already on an E7 tariff with your previous supplier? They don't have to ask detailed questions about the type of heating and your habits.

    Do you even have your energy bills and written notes from eleven years ago?
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    Good point already made, suppliers dont know how you use electricity only the meter you have.
    You say your bill does not mention E7, what is the name of the tariff you are one?
    When the person converted to GSH they should have advised their supplier, this may have resulted in the meter being exchanged and you would not have found yourself in this situation.
    In terms of blaming the supplier I doubt youwill get anywhere because it is not their fault that you did not realise you were on an E7 tariff and didn't need it.
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    I would say from my of all huge numbers of the eco 7 meters that are around , not many are aware that they should nt be on them. There are whole towns such as Worksop, Retford populated by eco 7 meters throughout. the vast majority are on gas central heating. Its a " can of worms " I ve been trying to open myself with my complaints to the regulator OFGEM that suppliers ( who are now obliged to offer the cheapest tariffs ) are not taking not taking any notice of anyones night rate consumption and recommending a change of meter or totalling the units for single rate billing. The suppliers are aware of the very low night rate consumption so they have no excuse.
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    The tariff you were sold was not specifically E7. All electricity tariffs can be E7 or single rate, it's dependent on your meter type. So you weren't mis-sold anything.
    The supplier only knows what type of meter you have; they have no idea whether or not you have storage heaters connected to it! If you have an E7 meter then you will by default be placed on E7 billing.
    You need to either have the meter changed to a single rate one (about £50), or some suppliers will total the readings from the two registers and charge you at single rate.
    Your winter night usage of 27% is actually near the typical 33% break-even point for E7 (which is nothing like 57% night rate). Given that you have gas CH and DHW, that's rather surprising. Where is it all going?
    And 0/10 for not looking at your bills or switching in 11 years-that's what's cost you money.
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  • Hi thx for all the messgaes.

    My supplier is Eon

    The Bill states Standard Tariff with a Day and Night Rate.

    If i had storage Heaters then the National Average is 57% for night useage.

    Ive done many comparables with friends now, its Miles too expensive.

    Yes its my fault for not checking or using a comparison site. But as i mentioned since my Bill hit £200. it decided to investigate.

    Many people where sold PPI , over the Phone , trusted their Credit Card, or Loan supplier. NEVER asked for Terms and Conditions. We don,t like trawling through them thats Human nature.

    Now Billions have been paid back. Knowbody was Conned there.

    If they had asked for all Terms and Conditions in writing First about 8 Pages if i remember. Knowbody would be claiming anything.

    Go and Buy a Sofa on interst Free Credit ,(which ive never Done), they will never Tell you, Miss a payment and its 39% apr do they ??.
    Unfornately in the real world, everybody is out to screw, each other.
    Profit comes first, they deal with the rest later.

    if your into the Late Bill Hicks great, if not look him up on u tube.

    just to summerise Eon are looking in to it, and ive had an Ex employee, contact me, saying i will get something back.

    regards jul:o
  • Hi,
    there has never been storage heaters at the Property.

    I have never had storage Heaters in 30 Years.

    I was never offered, or asked if i had Storage Heaters, this was 2002, I did not then have a Home Computer.

    I property had been empty and the Old Eastern Electricity was the supplier.

    I trusted the Door step seller . Was never offered any Alternatives, was none the wiser. A new meter was fitted, now i know Door step sellers were paid more commision for a better deal for the supplier, thats Business.

    Yes i made a mistake trusting them, and should have investigated earlier, i know that.

    PPI was mis sold to all. Why ? was everyone blind to the Terms and Conditions ? It was all in there. If you read the very small Print which they don,t want you to see.
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    The system to register what type of meter you have in your home is more complex than it appears - Behind the retail suppliers are national agencies who keep records of what meter you have, and it's type

    When you change suppliers, your new supplier acts on whatever info. the agency has - If it says ECO7, then that's how your supplier will bill you.

    Even so, some of the suppliers don't have clean hands;
    Where an occupier has installed Gas CH and advised their supplier of this, some suppliers don't change the meter but simply bill the customer for a 'Standard' meter by adding the Day & Night readings together - Crucially, because they haven't changed the meter, they don't have to inform the Central Agency, and worse still, because their 'Standard' Billing is only based on a note on the customers account, when that customer moves out and a new one moves in, the note is lost and they revert to ECO7 billing

    I get the impression that your ECO7 problem has been around for some time - Get onto your supplier and push for a free meter change on the basis of the extra cash you have paid them over the years - I don't hold out much hope of a credit on past bills, but you can always try.
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    Do you or do you not have an economy 7 meter?
    And if you have worked out you are paying 9p per kWh for electricity during the day I would stay with that tariff.
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    Your supplier does not know what you use for heating space or water. It has no idea if you use wood, old dried out socks, gas or multitudes of tea candles .. .. and cares even less. Its just a supplier, you agree a tariff it supplies a tariff.

    Going back all the way to when you moved into the property you would have been put on to a 'deemed [most expensive standard of the pre-existing tariff type] contract' by the existing supplier, unless you contact them and change it you will stay on that expensive contract forever

    You haven't been mis-sold anything, you were in your own words 'unaware' :

    - "it just has Day and Night , which I thought was normal, I was none the wiser"
    - "I'm reasonably clued - I have done extensive Calculus"
    - "I've never bothered with asking, because I didn't know, I was unaware I was on the wrong Tariff"
    - "He said why do you have a Night Rate , you haven't any Storage Heaters"
    - "its my fault for not checking or using a comparison site"

    If you can prove the original [or any subsequent] 'door step seller' changed your tariff from non-E7 to E7 without your knowledge or permission, you would have a case for mis-selling.

    As I see it its up to Eon as to whether they give you a sympathetic hearing and corresponding refund. The original doorstep seller would almost certainly not have wanted to change your tariff from non-E7 to E7 and the evidence is readily available to Eon from the date just previous to your original switch.

    Many many people are on the wrong tariff, most if not all go back to their original 'deemed contract' some of which are 20 or more years. We might wish as the venerable 'sacsquacco' & dogshome' suggest that suppliers took an active interest in what is this side of their 'tails' but that, in reality, is never going to happen in a month of Sundays. Sorry becks120, its down to each householder to take charge, and be responsible for everything this side of the 'tails'.
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  • sorry 9 p too much on day rate
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