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    Click here to recieve babys welcome pack ;)

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    Can anyone else get this to work, the link goes through then re-directs me to another page & I can't get back?
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    Lillibet wrote:
    Can anyone else get this to work, the link goes through then re-directs me to another page & I can't get back?
    yes worked for me, but already registered from before, no free samples as of yet ?
  • The boxed packs themselves are only available from either the hospital or health visitor. If your health authority participates you get one antenatally (which contains the free mag I posted a link to the other day) and one either on the postnatal ward or from your HV after you go home. Registering with them means that you get a smaller pack, just an envelope really with mostly leaflets and vouchers in though I did get a sample sanitary pad in mine.

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    I'm also registered and have had no free stuff yet
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  • I forgot to say that the envelope is only sent out when your baby reaches a certain age. I think its 6 months though I can't be certain on that.
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    Click here to apply at Pronatal
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    i registered for this ages ago, nothing yet. i think it's only the toddler pack you get anyway, so they'd send it in a couple of years maybe lol!

    i got a pack when my pregnancy was confirmed by the doctor, they gave me the pack when i got my green notes. it's very good, especially the NCT magazine. there's a new baby pack in hospital by each bed in the postnatal ward, the nurse let me pinch one when i stayed in recently, it had a mumsplus one voucher booklet with more than a fivers worth of vouchers to be used in asda or tesco :-) (and some baby related stuff, vaseline, carex handwash etc.)
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    Uhhhh was it just me or did anyone else think someone was giving away babies :O)
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    Join the pampers club and you get money off vouchers for nappies etc and other stuff like that - also the huggies club (on their websites) https://www.pampers.co.uk https://www.huggies.co.uk Also look at the mumplusone.co.uk website - you can contact them and ask for a hard copy of their publication which is full of vouchers etc
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