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    Anyone else have problems refreshing the information? The system worked well when I put in my details but by the time I got round to phoning nPower, who were the best bet (apart from the avoid at all cost Spark), that particular tariff had been withdrawn. Now when I go onto the Energy Club site and try to refresh the information I get that timer wheel whirring about for ever but no new tariffs.
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    Hi - can anyone confirm if this site is available- been trying to log in for over a week now with no joy
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  • I got my 'Thankyou for Switching' email on 4th February. Any ideas why I have had no contact whatsoever since then?
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    I got my 'Thankyou for Switching' email on 4th February. Any ideas why I have had no contact whatsoever since then?

    No idea. Absolutely no idea.

    I could guess, but why don't you just post the answer?

    If you were interested in switching supplier then surely you would have contacted the supplier by now if you haven't heard anything, rather than going to the trouble of registering an account on MSE to post such a question where no one but the supplier could answer.
    How could anyone here know the answer to your query? No one knows who you are! ;)

    So I look forward to the answer if you decide to post it.

    Or perhaps there was another reason you registered a brand new account on MSE ... :cool:
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    I still am finding a discrepancy in price of more than £100 for the price given by the enrgy club compared to U switch
    My present soupplier is Co-Op which is best for me but in energy club it is beated by many suppliers.The price for these suppliers looks very cheap and I think is wrong

    Has energy club got to the bottom of what is happening
  • I entered my details on the Energy Club site, and looked at Electricity, Gas and Dual Fuel comparisons. I chose to switch Gas only, to NPower, completed the details and returned to the Energy Club site to see that it believes I am switching Electricty to NPower. Now I need to phone NPower to check / cancel this switch.

    Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Just tried to change my gas provider, but my account now shows electricity account is being changed! Seems nothing I can do to rectify this within Energy Club, so I cancelled direct with Scottish Power. I entered my details into Moneysupermarket and Energyhelpline without problem, and Ebico came out top for gas on both. Not so when going via Energy Club, when Scottish Power comes top. Excellent idea, but broken for now.
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    Why can't you edit your current supplier tariff details in your account?
  • I registered with the Cheap Energy Club on 6th Feb, then switched on 7th Feb. Received emails both times from the Club. My switch completed on 19th March but I've had no further emails notifications from the Club since 7th Feb and my account has not been updated. There seems to be no way of doing it manually. I've emailed the Club but only had a reply telling me to look at faq's which don't answer my question. Will I receive my cash back? Time will tell. Until my account is updated any recalculations will be inaccurate. And as long as my account shows the switch as still pending I don't suppose any attempt will be made to calculate whether I'm still on the best deal . I know it's a free service and very new but if it's not working properly and you're kept in the dark it becomes a bit of a PR disaster. I don't read the tabloids but surely they're going to jump on this - if they haven't done so already. A pity!
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