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Cheaper Oil for Fuel?

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  • analyst_2analyst_2 Forumite
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    An added afterthought to above.

    I use oil for heating (even though gas is available) but I have a hob on propane gas for cooking. For those who really prefer to cook on gas rather than elec.

    A 47Kg propane gas refill costs about £27-£29 GBP and lasts me a little over two years. (Typical 2+2+dog family - though the dog doesn't do much cooking)

    So, for anyone who wants gas to cook on, but isn't sure about changing from oil I'd say thats the way to go. Whilst its true oil prices tend to float up and down, especially if Dubbya decides to go to war, overall I'd say my heating bills are much lower than those peeps on mains gas, and believe me, we run a warm house - too bloody warm for my liking!
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  • keefrtokeefrto Forumite
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    00000 :mad:

    I regularly call at least 6 companies (no scottish jokes please) to get the best prices. I have just paid 27.5p for 900 litres. 2 yrs ago best price was 17p. If anyone wants to get some scottish comparison going, please let me know
    Currently 4 me its Rogers Contract cell phone, REBTEL.COM is the best mobile making and receiving calls to/from UK and Canada:beer:
  • It seems that we are a wee bit limited and not as spoiled for choice as our southern friends are for oil suppliers. Or am I wrong in assuming this? Would be real interested to hear from anyone in this neck of the woods. :j
  • rusty_3rusty_3 Forumite
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    i live in nth notts, got around 4 supplies i ring round to get the best price, always manage to get another penny a lt off, also get a bit more off if paid within a two week,
    pay on credit card so get about 6-8 weeks before any money leaves my bank
  • abg_2abg_2 Forumite
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    I live in central Scotland, use Johnsons Oil and have just been quoted 36p per litre. Good or bad?
  • We've recently launched a website to solve the problem for heating oil consumers in Northern Ireland who don't know much oil costs at any give time and to help them to tell if what they are being quoted is a good or bad deal.

    We work out the daily average price for 900 litres (the standard size of delivery) and post it daily. The service is free.

    There's also a product for sale on the website called HeatMAX which helps reduced the rate of consumption.

    Hope this helps.
  • In our village, we manage to get deep discounts on the market price of burning oil by ordering in bulk. It works like this. 1. Each one of us phones through the number of litres we want to order, to a nominated resident in the village. (we are reminded to do this in our quarterly village newsletter). 2. He (in our case) then calls around the oil companies and gets quotes based on the collective number of litres. 3. He places the order with the chosen oil company, listing names, addresses and number of litres required by each house. 4. The oil company then delivers over a period of a couple of days. 5. Each house still receives a bill in the usual way, and each household is responsible for payment for the litres ordered.

    The advantages are: Far fewer oil trucks coming in and out of the village, much lower prices for us, more convenience for the oil company. Essentially, the more litres ordered, the more we save. Quarterly orders seem to be working fine for us.
  • There are 4000 of us in Northamptonshire buying our domestic heating oil together. The aim is to make the maximum savings. Any one in the country can join in. Look at
  • I use boiler juice to find the best day to order but to date it has been more expensive than my local supplier and they know where to find me
  • innovateinnovate
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    ecolady wrote:
    Please can I just make you all aware that there is a way of cutting your heating bills whether you use gas, oil, lpg. This is guaranteed to work and produce savings. I declare an interest in that I am an independent distributor and therefore would make some profit but you will profit much more than me and you have a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

    I have posted this on the referrals forum also but as I am a newbie to mse, cant find that forum!

    Apologies if I am in the wrong place, but am genuine. Details on request.

    :T :j

    Hi EcoLady, might be best to continue over on the referrer's thread - we're waiting for you!
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