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Can anyone advise who to contact in relation to claiming PPI paid on loans provided by an organisation known as Forward Trust Group which became part of Midland Bank Group and in turn is now part of HSBC. I have just wasted 10 weeks having submitted my claims to HSBC Regulated Sales Complaints in Bristol who, until I had telephoned today, didn't bother to advise me it was nothing to do with them and that they had shredded all my documents - fortunately they were all copies! So far I have been directed to four other addresses (Coventry, Leeds and Birmingham x 2) as possible contacts. The loans are quite old dating between 1987 to 1993 but I do have all relevant documentation and as they say, if you don't ask you don't get!
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    It is the forward trust group you need to complain to, get phone numbers for the addresses and ask if they know about this loan, it is also possible that this will be time barred due to the year.
  • I think you will find it difficult to make a successful complaint.

    Although HSBC/Midland Bank were members of the old Banking Ombudsman scheme (and therefore fall under FOS jurisdiction) Forward Trust is a finance house, not a bank, and I don't think it did (although I may be wrong).

    FOS jurisdiction is based on the status of the firm you did the business with at the time, not the current status and not the status of its parent company at the time - even if the parent would, in the same position, fall under FOS jurisdiction.
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    Thank you for advice re how to progress and probabilities of success. Will report on outcome in due course.

  • I too took out a loan for £10,000 with Forward Trust/Midland Bank . .I ended up having to pay back £17,000, this was back in 1996 .Still have the original application form. . . I was also told that they were not part of some Banking group and therefore unable to claim !! ..Seems incredibly unfair especially as I remember been told that without the PPI he doubted I would get the loan. .I tried to claim through a company over 4 years ago , was hoping maybe something had changed since then .. Been with HSBC 27 years, so much for my loyalty. . Anyone any ideas ???
  • Has anyone successfully claimed missold PPI against Forward Trust

    There are a couple of injured parties on here but no one seems to have reported success?

    Hope someone can help as I too had a £10k loan and it spiraled to £19k
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    The first direct bank, a member of HSBC group, review the PPI claims in relation to Forward Trust Group.
  • This true. I called First Direct bank to ask what address to send my claim to. The woman I spoke with denied all knowledge of Forward Trust Group and having anything to do with their PPI claims. I submitted the claim to HSBC instead and several weeks later received a call from First Direct Bank saying they had been passed the details from HSBC and where investigating.
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    As the originator of this post / thread I thought I would provide an update as encouragement to others. I submitted my original PPI claim with copies of all relevant documentation, to HSBC in March 2012 in respect of two personal loans running from 1987 to 1994. Having been sent communications from various areas / departments within HSBC and spoken on the telephone variously to HSBC call centres / department managers / credit card branches of HSBC (!) in the ensuing months up to June 2012, in sheer frustration I submitted a claim to FOS complaining about the miss sold PPI and the poor customer service received thus far from HSBC. I received the usual acknowledgement from FOS and then, out of the blue, first direct wrote in October 2012 to advise they were aware of my claim but had no paperwork to progress the matter. I checked with first direct and it would appear that the FOS had forwarded my claim to first direct as, to date, I hadn't actually received a response either way from HSBC to the original claim and the person I spoke to confirmed first direct were the appropriate part of the HSBC group to deal with Forward Trust Group matters. I duly sent yet another set of copies of the documentation and waited. In late November 2012, first direct advised me that my claim(s) had been upheld. The resulting compensation was paid to me by cheque at the end of December 2012 and banked at the earliest opportunity. The process took eleven months from start to finish but I am so glad that I refused to give up. Perseverance pays!!:j
  • I had a loan through this company in 1978/79 to buy a car but as i had no records to prove this and they have no records didn't know what else i could do. Do these companies not keep any records on microfiche?
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    Send a SAR to them. They might have records from 35 years ago, but the chances are...not.
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