Finally into mortgage overpay mode



  • Well another update, all is going well and have been busily overpaying and watching the debt fall away. Still a fantastically long way from being in that nirvana that is mortgage free but i feel very positive progress is being made down from 342K to 319K and im getting a real kick everytime I can shave the household running costs down

    Bad thing this month my faithful Sofas of 13 years died my boys despite various threats of disembowlment, 40 lashes etc etc continued to use them as trampolines and frames have really really had it (tried to repair them to no avail) so dipped into savings to buy replacements ouch so need to top those back up which means less for the mortgage

    Money tips ive picked up recently

    1. All 3 kids have being going to hospital in brighton which is ten miles away A LOT, nothing serious but the parking fuel etc is horrific ... until by chance we discovered the local bus will take you there for free with an appointment letter .Saved us about £80 so far and its FREE my favourite word at the mo
    2. With the horse meat scandal im so pleased we changed our meat habits years ago but this is something that both saves money , helps farmers, and is healthier nicer to eat . We buy our meat directly as best we can from local farmers who are proud of what they produce and we take it in bulk roughly butchered take home chop up and bag then freeze . It works out upto 40% 50% less than Tesco , tastes amazing , we know the animal welfare has been tip top .Thats lamb pork and beef
    3. Homebrew im fond of a tipple and pubs are just to damned expensive £3.90 a pop in my local now, so starting brewing , not yet tasted results but hopefuly will get better and cheaper the longer i persevere and means i can hide in shed to fiddle with it when my lot kick of

    Sussex Boy
  • That is some debt to have cleared! i wish i was able to put asside that much money, you must have fantastic jobs.
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