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I started using Gift Hunter Club just over a month ago and it has quickly become a favourite money earner for me.

Reaching payment level is pretty easy and you can cash out as follows:

240 points = $2 Paypal
520 points = $5 paypal
1000 points = $10 Paypal

1500 points = £10 Amazon Gift Card

I have been paid numerous times by Paypal, payment since joining, never waited more than a couple of hours after cashing out. You earn 100 points upon sign up.

There are loads of earning opportunities from videos alone – Action, Token Ads and Viroolall accessible through a link on the main page. The Token Ad videos can often be watched more than once each day and there is always a good selection.

The site also has more offer walls than any other site, plenty of free earning opportunities throughout, the walls are as follows:

Super Rewards
TokenAds (same as link from video tab)

There are also Crowdflower tasks that pay well.

There are also some monthly contests for watching videos, referrals and tasks.

All in all I’m loving this site, it’s a Spanish company, their Facebook page is friendly and fun and customer services have always responded to me within minutes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, always happy to help as I’ve had loads of help earning from others on MSE.
£2014 in 2014
£3,155.66 £2014


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