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Great 'free/cheap Mother's Day gifts & ideas' Hunt

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Great 'free/cheap Mother's Day gifts & ideas' Hunt

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Great 'free/cheap Mother's Day gifts & ideas' Hunt

Mother's Day is this Sunday, but you don't need to spend a fortune to show her you care. We want inspiration on inexpensive but thoughtful gifts or ideas - whether it's a bunch of daffs, a homemade card or just spending the day with her, we want to hear about it.

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  • I've made magic wands for the children I nanny for to give their mothers this year with this poem on the back
    Mothers are magic
    I think you'll agree
    On this special day
    Use this wand on me
    Just speak your wish
    I'm at your beck and call
    Well give it a bit go
    It's worth a try after all!!!!
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    lesleymarrlesleymarr Forumite
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    I don't live near my mum so I used my TESCO online account to buy her dinner. It was harder than it looked. I added her address, chose some goodies for her then paid. Then I saw the website had scrubbed off her address and it was going to deliver to me. Which was no good, and I couldn't change it. So I deleted the order and had another go. It was interesting to see how different the goods were in her Tescos (Telford). Mine (Enfield) had more choice in ginger wine and flowers, hers only had 2 sorts of wine, and only daffs. But hers offered kulfi, at £1.50 for 500ml so that's a good price.
    I bought her dinner: quiche, lemon and pepper quorn and frozen bobby beans, kulfi, daffs and ginger wine. It cost £3 for delivery to her house and I was very pleased. Obviously I could have sent fewer items and spent less.
  • aliilappaliilapp Forumite
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    I made my Mummy a "box full of love" when I was about 8/9 years old. It was just an empty shoebox wrapped in white paper with that written on it. It has never been unwrapped and my mummy cried when I gave it to her. It still comes out at Christmas (maybe the present theme?!) and sits under the tree! I think it was a lovely idea.
  • VRoseVRose Forumite
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    We are in the process of finishing a 'memories bag' for my mil with the kids. She travels alot and we thought she could take it with her when she goes. I got some scrapbook paper and cut it up and put 'my 1st memory of you..' or 'I remember laughing with you when...' I also got her sister and mum to put in a memory too.

    We also made seed pictures using sugar and flour paste to stick cress seeds to card.

    We are have also done some bath salts.

    I would like some ideas for an 89ys old who is house bound, and doesn't want more 'stuff' she doesn't like flowers or anything that makes more work for her.
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    InvernessInverness Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
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    Re the elderly: newspaper or other subscription, food hamper, a meal out, time with grandchildren, frozen meals delivered, handyman/gardener for a day, decorating, nightwear, throws, hand wipes, tissues, bed socks, independent living aids, hair appointment, pedicure/chiropodist, electric fleecy pad for sore backs and other parts, photo books or calendars and how about a pack of assorted greetings cards and stamps?
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