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Hi can any one help, been to Spain for two weeks had car hire but did not take out insurance for tyres. Now had a puncture on way back to car hire place didn't have time to get it fixed so the car hire place told me that I will not get my deposit back which is fair enough to take some but a full 300 euros is excessive considering the price of replacement tyre, can I claim off my credit card as the deposit was taken on credit card or can I dispute it and get the payment back and offer only what I feel is appropriate , the car hire place flatly refused to talk about it or even justify the price they where charging, any advise will be greatly appreciated,thanks in advance.


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    Anybody got any advise for me, would love a reply
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    If you didn't get it fixed, then you should pay whatever they ask you to. Did you read the rental agreement that you signed? They might decide that they need to buy a new car and you will have to pay.
  • I think you could call your card company and say you wish to dispute the transaction. If that doesn't work I would send a letter to the company (if it has offices in the UK) and state you believe that it was unequitable to take the full 300 and for that reason you will take action if they do not refund a fair proportion of your deposit.
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