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March 2013 Grocery Challenge

edited 20 February 2013 at 9:57AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    I will have to go shopping tonight as we are completely out of lunch stuff and the fruit bowl is very low. I have made a list and will nip to Mr S for a Mirr0r to get the voucher as it is just across the shopping centre from Aldee. If the vouchers run longer than a week I will get 2 as will use one next Friday but I think last time they were only a week.

    I have edited the list and meal planned both lunch and tea. Most of the list is fruit or fat free dairy as we are doing SW but will need one bottle of wine and a steak for DH. I am not buying veg, I am going to use the frozen veg I have in as the fresh is getting wasted.

    Sunday lunch at Mum's this week so the joint I bought last week that didnt get used wont get used until next Sunday now.

    I won a big easter egg at work in a free raffle earlier in the week. The plan is to give it to DS at Easter.

    My meal plan for the week is:

    Th-Sausages, small amount of mash & lots of veg
    F-Spanish rice with chicken & chorizo with broccolli (from index)
    Sa - Steak(DH) chicken (me) mix of pot and sweet pot spicy wedges, mush, toms, peas
    Su - Mums
    Mo - SW coq a vin, new pots and green beans
    Tu - SW pasta pie with greek salad
    W - Jacket pots with chilli (DH) cheese and beans (me)as I am at college and late in
    Th - Im out for tea so chilli for DH

    Lunches will be salad (ham,egg, salmon, tuna and bean, prawn) beans on toast, jacket pots with beans and salad, LO pasta pie with salad and HM soup. Fruit, yogs, fish sticks, boiled eggs, side salad for snacks (and choc crispy cakes for me & DS who dont need to lose weight;))
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  • Tessie Bear -

    My budget includes:

    Breakfast everyday for 2 adults and 2 DD's (7and nearly 2) this is mostly cereal and milk / toast

    packed lunch for OH/DD1 for 3 or 4 days a week (unless school menu or work menu look particularly pleasing) and lunch for dd2 and I every day at home

    We make dinner 6 nights a week as one night we might go out for dinner/have a takeaway/be at the inlaws

    And then my budget includes nappies, wipes, all cleaning products and everyday toiletries. We don't drink any alcohol at home so that never comes into our budget.
  • MadamMim2013MadamMim2013 Forumite
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    Hellooo, thanks so much to all those who put in the hard work to help keep me in line! ;)

    I'm in for £300 again this month... fingers crossed!!

    Good luck to everyone x
    "There's a little witch in all of us"🥰
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  • Hi all!

    Made the effort last night to stock-take the cupboards, fridge and freezer then planned the menu for next week and wrote up a shopping list. There's virtually enough meals in to last us til a week-Saturday and after a rather large stock-up shop last week, we only really need bread, cheese and veg though will need to buy some butty stuff midweek so hoping to spend way under my £50 budget. May even treat us to a bottle of wine for Saturday night.

  • becsxxx wrote: »
    Oh yes, quick reminder to all Aldi shoppers that there's a £5 off £35 spend voucher due in the Daily Mirror tomorrow - makes a big difference to us.

    Thanks alot becs for the reminder, must pop out to get paper.

    I`ve now officially finished my feb challenge, yeah:jand onto the march budget. I did do a shop yesterday at Ald. and MrT, as i`m unable to go tomorrow, but stocked up on everything needed except milk, f&v, bread and meat and will only buy this as and when I need it. I`ve also meal planned for the month, so hoping this will keep my spending down, as i`ve now cut out £50 from the budget, but I know I can do it, fingers crossed.

    Must update siggy,then pop up shop for paper only.
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  • edited 28 February 2013 at 7:36PM
    K9sandFelinesK9sandFelines Forumite
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    edited 28 February 2013 at 7:36PM

    Do you have the recipe for this please as also doing SW, and this is one i haven't tried yet? Or is it on SW website? Many thanks.

    Nearly cocked the budget up today by not realising i had booked Mr A to delivered £28 of groceries, and my Dad had taken me at weekend and i hadn't cancelled it! Cue one very embarassed customer! It was because i'd got a free delivery code for them if you bought one of the newfangled compressed deodrants.

    Hoping for just a purchase of the DM today for A**i token, but not 100% sure if i'll be able to get there before it runs out, or actually need enough to spend £40.

    Edited again to say only spends on DM today so have updated sig by 50p.
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  • SAVVYMUMMY - as pointed out up the thread - it is now only £5 off a £40 spend though so not as good as it used to be :(

    K9sandFelines - we wouldn't normally spend £40 this week, but will buy extra essentials such as tinned tomatoes, flour, frozen peas etc. as it is worth it to get the discount
  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    Do you have the recipe for this please as also doing SW, and this is one i haven't tried yet? Or is it on SW website? Many thanks.

    It is out of the EE book my friend has lent me. I will pop it on tonight as I am at work at the mo :)

    I can really recommend the spanish rice from the index at the front of the thread if you haven't tried that one yet. It's delish.
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  • SligoSligo Forumite
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    I'm in for March!! After a good result in Feb I'm going to try and reduce a little in March and if it doesn't work then I know my previous budget was ok. And it's Lent so there's no crisps or chocolate being eaten this month - apart from by the only heathen in the house - Me!;)

    My budget for March is €560.

  • XSpender wrote: »
    we have been doing SW for 2 weeks but haven't budgeted this as I am moving my GC budget back in line with my paydays for easier budgeting.

    I made the SW Spanish rice with chicken and chorizo recipe from the recipe index on Tuesday and it was gorgeous. It is likely to remain on meal plans for sometime:D

    Sounds lush i will have to try it as i'm doing ww-- have you tried the sw quiche with no pastry?

    6 free range eggs from local grocer £1
    300g cottage cheese - tssco ev one is 59p

    Beat eggs and cheese together.. add in whatever ingredients you want in it (ham, peppers, toms, onion, leftovers :) ).. then tip into flan dish and oven at 190 till it looks ready. if you slice up a tomato and put on the top before baking it looks like real quiche.. makes 6 decent sized slices @ 27p each (before the extra ingredients)
    Fab for packed lunch or for tea with salad/baked spuds or whatever.

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