Help with a soppy song "as long as you love, you will see me up in the stars"


I was watching one of those soppy channel 5 films and this song came on. The words were "as long as you love you will see me in the stars as you look up into the sky" It was one of those sad songs that touch your heart.

I can't seem to find it searching on google. Google just comes up with the backstreet boys or Justin Bieber for as long as you love me, the song lyrics are "as long as you love, you ....

The film was about a same sex couple is America who had a daughter. When one of the couple died, the remaining one had to fight the grandparents of her partner for custody of the child. I think it was a true story and she ended up going to court and being granted custody. Once she did this, it changed the law in America.
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