Flight delay and cancellation compensation, Tui/Thomson ONLY

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    Sent my claim off today for a flight from 2007 that was delayed by 5.5 hours, was First Choice but as they are part of Thomson now posted it in here. Was for 4 pax from Palma to Manchester so €400 each.
  • We had a 13 hour delay returning from Alicante to Manchester on 15th Jan 2011, when Thomson diverted planes to repatriate holidmakers from Tunisia, after the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advised all UK citizens to leave Tunisia. We were allowed to stay at hotel and given food and drink, but were still delayed 13 hours, arriving back in the early hours, so are we still able to claim for the 13 hour delay - OR do Thomson have a valid reason not to pay
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    hi sorry if this question has been asked or the information is already on, you have listed addresses for certain companies but cant see one for claiming from thomsons? also my claim would actually go back to august 2005 we were delayed 17 hours due to a technical fault which at the time they gave me a form confirming that so that I could claim off the insurance. we flew back from fuerteventura. On reading information on the forum it looks like we wont get anywhere with a claim as it is over 6 years ago. Is it worth trying or will i not get anywhere?
  • Hi just a quick question - my parents went to lanzarote last week and their flight was delayed - air conditioning not working - and they flew to manchester to get a new plane and then go on to lanzarote - they were delayed for over 3 hours should have left gatwick at 10.45am and ended up leaving manchester at 3.00pm - they were given £5 each food voucher (which they had to pay additional money because it wasnt enough) have checked the flight stat and it says the flight was not delayed??!! What can i do to help them - bearing in mind they do not have internet and i live 160 miles away from them - any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks xx
  • I too have recieved the same unreasonable request from Thomson that I should attach boarding passes from 2007. Can anybody let me know if my claim is now at refusal point or what is my next step. Please please help.

    Was your flight in 2007 FCA052 to Jamaica by any chance, I am currently in the process of sending in the forms without the boarding passes - I would be interested to hear from you
  • My wife and I flew out of Luton for Corfu and got as far as belguim and had to go back to Manchester due to a fault with the plane.
    The cabin crew were winging amongst themselves and we were kept waiting for ages without any info or even a drink of water.
    We logged a complant on arrival as we lost 1/2 days holiday but got nothing.
    I have contacted them and got a form that ask for tickets and boarding passes which we do not have, flight was in 2009.
    Any ideas what else I can do as it was the lack of a drink and the rudeness of thew staff that was more annoying than the delay. I think it was because Thomson and 1st choice had just merged or something and the pilot etc were from thomson and the cabin crew were 1st chiuce. Captain told them they had to fly on replacement plane otherwise it would have caused alonger delay.
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    Sent letter 3/01/12 to Thomson as flight on tom 144 10/12/11 was delayed getting to Cancun by 26hrs 35 min with boarding cards e-tickets ect and got told to claim on own ins. last year. Then got MSE temp this jan and filled in and sent to get what seems to be standard claim form asking for boarding cards tickets ect.
    So luckly still have copy's of letter sent last year and copy of holiday booking confirmation saying payed in full so posted claim form back to them to-day. Will up-date on out come when I get a responce...Thanks to Martin and Team for all your hard work..:T
  • I have today sent off a letter for a flight delay, and expect a claim form to be sent to me judging by all your replies. I don't have boarding passes but am fully aware that they hold passenger records. What I would like to know is how I proceed with taking my claim to court should my claim be rejected initially?
  • Thank you. Can somebody also tell me please whether it's absolutely necessary to provide photocopies of all passports in order to claim? Members of my party will be reluctant to send out such documentation. Many thanks.
  • I have no information with regard booking reference or boarding passes.But due to the fact that I booked a package holiday with Thomson, do I need any other information, or should I ask them to refer to their own records. I know the holiday hotel, dates and flight no's etc, and I went through passport control.
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