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Making cash from online survey sites - new MSE guide

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  • eldanieleldaniel Forumite
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    Minimum is £3 worth of points, so nice and easy. I always accumulate (despite Martin saying not to :) to at least £10 so I can at least feel it :)
  • Hi all, this looks promising. The extra info in previous posts was really help full too. The only thing im concerned about is leaving my real address and phone number on some of these sites. I know the repercussions of leaving my phone number so I have a secondary mobile I will be using, but what about leaving my real address? I dont mind a bit of junk mail.
    any other hidden nasty's I should know about?
    I want to follow the advice given here and not tell porky's :)
    Thanks for any advice ill check back soon.

  • eldanieleldaniel Forumite
    243 posts
    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    I left my address and my main phone number with more than 20 companies now and never got bombarded with any marketing calls or spam letters. I got some spam marketing emails sometimes but usually you have "unsubscribe" option on bottom of each email. Then again you are never going to find out where do they have you information (i.e. from surveys or any other source).
    Many companies send you vouchers, so the address have to be correct or at least you must have an access to the post there.
    To summarize - I would not be too afraid of that.
  • Thanked you, cheers, I signed up to Crowdology/Panel Opinion/MySurvey/Newvistalive and Swagbucks so far, first impressions are my my what a lot of staring at the screen and back ache :) I have lots of time on my hands now so im willing to be honest and treat this with respect, I'm in no rush and don't expect it to be as easy as it seems. A lot of it looks like it comes down to profile, I entered honestly and if I don't fit the bill i will be rather disappointed.
    Very true, who knows where they get numbers from for these spam txts/calls.
    I'm very new to all this, but after 1 day I feel Ive learned quite a bit ;)
    Always used this site for bits of info here and there but now Ive come to realize there is true potential behind a lot of this. If you fit the bill that is.
    If I can make 40-50 quid a month I'd be satisfied.
  • silverfairysilverfairy Forumite
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    The genuine survey sites need you home address as eldaniel says above to mail any vouchers such as love2shop that you earn, but also you can get offered trial products after completing a survey,which involve using/eating the product,then completing a follow up survey.
  • Thanked you fairy, I love extra info. I totally understand having to leave your real address now. I had come across the trial products on one of them I cant remember which, from what i understand so far it is a rare occurrence if they choose you for that, but leaving your address is needed in order to receive cheques. Mainly going for paypal payouts but I see some good ones that send cheques. Im going for 20+ sites to join, trying to pick the right ones, my 40-50 quid target doesn't seem to unreasonable I hope.
  • eldanieleldaniel Forumite
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    Do not think too much at this early stage about which site is the best. It is a lot down to your profile.
    Sign up with plenty of them and even if you get loads of surveys, always choose the highest paid to do. Make sure you know how much are points worth in each company. For example 50 points in Toluna means nothing, where 50 points in other company could be £0.50.
    Then after doing it for a month do a little earnings table and you will see which ones are the best (little time spend vs high earnings) for you. Remember - do not feel forced to do every single survey you are invited to. Saying that makes me think that I actually do that :) But not everyone have so much time as me :)
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    silverfairysilverfairy Forumite
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    Good luck Mitchel,it really is trial & error to start with,some people get loads of surveys while other get next to none from some companies,find what works best for you as demographics can play a big part.just be truthful because sometimes a survey doesn't want people who buy or use the product they are doing,they actually want to know why you don't buy/use them & what will make you more inclined to buy in the future.I recently completed surveys on hair dye & fabric conditioners,watching ads for them & saying what I liked/disliked about the advert, even though I had never bought or used them.
  • I registered with many different surveys sites and then once I got a feel for them all I settled on about 5 that I use every day now. My favourite is Onepoll at the moment, lots of little surveys.
    2013 competition wins :) ... I Pad, Tesco pedometer, £20 Papermash voucher, Tropical Sun crunchy coconut peanuts
  • Cool thanks guys I'm getting there, 7 signed up so far, profile takes longer than the surveys in some. Once all setup I will begin the process of sorting the ones that work for my profile, also give the others a chance to see if things change.
    Had some fun ones so far, wanted opinions on music and adverts.
    MySurvey is pretty decent, send me 3-4 a day, surveys are less boring.
    GlobalTestMarket sent a couple so far
    Crowdology only 1
    Nothing from the rest but many more to go.
    Have to remember to check the website on some as they don't all send emails I've read, so I leave a 'check' next to them in bookmarks.
    Looking to get a steady flow of 4-5 hours work a day :)
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